From The Editor’s Desk

I hope you enjoy this end-of-year issue of the Digest.

I think it’s important to note that more then 90 AOH and LAOH members contributed the contents of this edition. And who knows how many other brother and sister Hibernians helped them produce that copy and take and caption the photos on these pages.

It’s understandable, but wrong, to think that the newspapers and books we read, the shows we watch, the websites we visit, are things, somehow automatically produced, disembodied from the minds and hearts that informed their creation. Don’t we often refer to a newspaper article by saying “The New York Times wrote…”? We forget that some person actually wrote the story, is responsible for the research and reporting, took the time to craft the article, choose the right words, go over it and over it until it’s just right.

It’s the same with all the projects Hibernians take on and accomplish. Whether it’s the Barry Gate, Project St. Patrick, the 175th Anniversary Celebration, the 175th Commemorative Coin, the actions taken on immigration, freedom for political prisoners, and the hundreds of state, county and division charities and missions activities the Order engages in, the achievements aren’t automatic. Whatever gets done is accomplished by at least one and more typically a group of Hibernians acting in friendship and unity to perform acts of Christian Charity and other works the Order.

And why? Because those who take on the tasks believe in the Order and its good and welfare and want to build the Order up, strengthen it, expand it, and help it achieve its missions.

With this in mind, officers should remember that there may be many members at our meetings and events who are ready, willing and able to work. One of our goals as leaders should be to identify those members and figure out what we can ask them to do for the Order. Then we guide them and follow up on how they’re doing. This is how new leaders are developed. Don’t be afraid to ask someone who isn’t doing anything now to do something. No one joined the Order to sit in a meeting room once a month, right? Many are waiting to be pressed into service.


On a different matter: I’d appreciate your suggestions for how the Digest can be improved. What’s not here that you think ought to be? What’s here that you don’t like so much? What could make this better? Let me know at

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And while I’m on the subject of advertising, if you have sales experience and would like to help me get ads, I could use some help. Write to me and let me know if you can assist the Order in that way.

There are great articles and reports in this issue. I hope you enjoy them all.

The deadline for the next issue is December 17.

A very Merry and Holy Christmas to all!


Treasurer’s Report

Hope all is well.  I know my brothers up north are all suffering with lower back pain from snow shoveling.  Thanks be to God, for all the problems we have down here in New Orleans, snow is not one of them.

I recently returned from Ireland and the Derry march at which AOH was well represented.  We had almost 100 people, men and ladies AOH, who made both a physical and economic impact that week in the North of Ireland.  Many of this same group was treated royally in Dublin by Nial Burgess, the former Consul General from New York and currently the liaison for Irish Affairs in the North.  Besides conferencing with members of the AOH and LAOH boards, a beautiful reception was given for all attendees in the grand hall of the historic Iveagh House.  It has always been my experience to have first class treatment from the Dublin government toward the American AOH.

Please be advised that your Division Financial Secretaries should be paying National Per Capita dues.  It is also suggested that along with that check should also be a form with your current valid EIN number so that our National Secretary may have it on file if the IRS requests a list of those numbers.

I hope all had a happy, safe and holy St. Patrick’s Day and look forward to seeing many of my brothers and sisters at our 175th Anniversary Celebration in New York on May 21, 2011. God Bless


According to the best information available, the Ancient Order of Hibernians was founded in 1836, which would make the year 2011 our 175th anniversary.  There are not many organizations that can boast of existing that long in service to their fellow man, their Church and the goal of national unity for their ancestral homeland.  In short, it is a proud milestone and one that our National Board felt we should celebrate in an appropriate manner.  Plans are now underway for a gala celebration that will include visits to St. James Church where the first Divisions started; a celebratory Mass at old St. Patrick’s Cathedral (now Basilica) where many early Hibernians worshiped, an updated History of the Order and a weekend of other historically significant events now in the planning stage under the direction of Past President Ed Wallace.  To provide a lasting souvenir of this remarkable event, the National Board has authorized the minting of a limited edition Commemorative Coin which will soon be available for purchase in time for Christmas gifts and throughout 2011.  The coin, designed by our National Historian will be featured in the next issue of your Hibernian Digest and be available for the low price of only .  President Boyle couldn’t wait and gave Commemoration Chairman Ed Wallace a check for the first one before it was even available.  Keep October 2011 open to attend a celebration that you will tell your grandchildren about until they are old enough to attend the 200th anniversary celebration and show off a rare keepsake — your 175th anniversary Commemorative Coin.