Iowa News

When Iowa’s Dubuque County Div 1 was approached last year by their chaplain, Fr. Douglas Loecke, to help with a priest appreciation gathering, the stage was set for a new tradition. The brothers quickly rallied together to co-host the event. This year, the second annual Priest and Deacon Appreciation Day was held June 13th, at Fr. Loecke’s home in Cascade, Iowa. The brothers donated and prepared a ‘low country boil’, including shrimp, potatoes, onions, sausage and corn, served with bread and a selection of pies and beverages. Tents were erected for the comfort of the guests and the weather proved to be perfect for the event. Division President Greg Keegan received a note of gratitude from Deacon Ray Noonan and his wife that read Carol and I want to thank you and all of the fine AOH’ers for your generosity and hospitality at Fr. Loecke’s last night.  What you good men do for the Catholic Church, clergy, and community is an extraordinary example of Christian charity to which we are all called.  Please extend our appreciation and best wishes to all the other AOH members.  On June 6th, the St. Francis Xavier Basilica of Dyersville, Iowa celebrated its annual Corpus Christi procession. For the second year running, the AOH was called upon to participate in the procession as canopy bearers and to march beside other Catholic organizations. Each year, the Dyersville procession draws several hundred participants to honor our Lord’s presence in the Holy Eucharist. The brothers were honored to be involved in the ceremony and hope to assist for years to come.

Rev. Robert Gross, Associate Pastor (gold vestment) and Rev. Mr. Fredrick J. Pins, Deacon, precede the Holy Eucharist, held by Rev. Phillip F. Kruse, Pastor, as AOH members (from left to right: Keith McCarraher, Patrick Valant, John Gallagher and George Graham) carry the canopy for the annual Corpus Christi procession through Dyersville, Iowa.