Michigan News

Michigan State President Patrick Sturdy presented the Champions Perpetual Cup to Faith Harris from Ft. Meyers, Florida at the 2013 Detroit International Feis.

Michigan 1A

Michigan LAOH State President Maureen Kelly and AOH State President Patrick Sturdy.

Michigan 1B

Michigan News

The Michigan LAOH and AOH enjoyed a fantastic weekend of friendship and unity in Flint, Michigan on May 3, 4 & 5th at our joint convention.  The festivities started with an Ice Breaker hosted by the Michigan AOH State Board on Friday evening and ended with mass and a banquet on Saturday night.  Following the mass the new officers for the 2013-2015 LAOH State Board were installed by National President, Maureen Shelton, assisted by the Michigan St. Brigid Degree Team.


California Convention

California State LAOH Past President, Leeann McGrady, presents our National President, Maureen Shelton, with a token of her visit to California.CALIFORNIA CONVENTION

Ohio News

Dublin was the scene for this year’s Ohio State Convention. Dublin, Ohio, not the other one! The Columbus AOH/LAOH team, led by Judy Leedy and Ron Hagan, put on a great convention that went without a hitch. Several National Officers honored us with their presence and shared their wisdom and insights with us. They included LAOH National President Maureen Shelton, Secretary Susan  Lauster and appointees Kathy Linton (also past president)  and Marilyn Madigan. The women of the Ohio Board bring a lot of experience to the table. New to the Board this year are Jenn Namsick and Mary Beth Chrystal, both excited to make a contribution. The following are the newly elected Ohio State Board.

Back row: Kathie Linton, Past National President; Teresa Kowalski, Missions and Charities; Jennifer Hansick, Catholic Action; Marilyn Madigan, National750 Club and Sue Lauster, National Secretary

Front Row: Mary Beth Chrystal, Treasurer; Clara Joyce, Secretary; Maureen Shelton, National President;  Eloise Stalter, State President and  Maire Manning, Vice President


President Maureen Shelton

At this time of year we are beginning to prepare for our St. Patrick’s Day festivities; however, we must not forget our patron, St. Brigid, whose feast day is February 1st.  She does not get the notoriety of St. Patrick but St. Brigid was known for the many ways she helped those in need. It seemed she always was able to provide for anyone who needed help. As LAOH members, we carry on her works today. There is no end of the amount of charities that our members are involved in as we continue to help others as our patron saint did centuries ago.  I hope that you all receive special blessings as you celebrated St. Brigid’s feast day.

As Sister and Brother Hibernians, we came together once again to help with the relief effort for the Hurricane Sandy victims. I know that everyone will continue to as generous as they can be to help with this cause. This will be an ongoing relief effort; it may not all be monetary but our members are there to help one another any way they can.  We can all be proud to say we are Hibernians.

As March approaches it will be a busy time for many St. Patrick feast day celebrations. Please remember that this is a holy day for us. We celebrate St. Patrick and we are Irish 365 days a year, unlike those who all just want to be Irish on March 17th. Keep an eye out for offending materials that are sold at this time of year. None of us want to be portrayed in a bad light. I do not see any other nationality being portrayed in as many offensive tee shirts, cards etc. as the Irish. Stand up against this; these people are only trying to make money off of defaming us at our expense. I look forward to seeing many of my Hibernians sisters and brothers at many gatherings this March. I pray that you have a safe and holy St. Patrick’s Day.

Yours in Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,


North Carolina News

The Ladies of the St. Brendan the Navigator Division in Wilmington, NC, celebrated the Christmas holidays with the AOH Division at the Hilton Hotel in Wilmington, NC. At this celebration gathering the Ladies announced their charitable donations and agencies for the 2012 year.  They were:  Interfaith Refugee Ministry, Cape Fear Literary Council, St. Mark Schools St. Mary Schools, Columban Fathers, Columban Sisters, Precious Life Center,

Help Center of Federal Point, Life Line Pregnancy Center, NHRMC Hospitality House,

Share the Bounty and Boy Scout Troop 215.

An extra donation was made especially for Christmas for the people affected by the Newton, CT tragedy and was sent to St. Rose of Lima RC Church to be distributed to the needy and grieving families.

LAOH President, Maureen Quinn, states,” This past year has been a very busy and productive year. We have achieved our goals and look forward to a successful year in 2013. I would like to thank all our Ladies for their hard work and dedication to our projects this year; we are successful because of them.”

The Ladies are presently working on the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Parade and their Irish Soda Bread Sale in March.

Irish Historian, Hope Cusick, announced that the 2013 Irish Essay Competition is now open for students in grades 7 through 12 to enter their essays. If anyone is interested in writing an essay (he or she does not have to be Irish to enter) should contact the LAOH website or contact Hope at hopeque@aol.com.

Back Row L to R: Nora Barton, Jo Rutherford, Constance McEnaney, Joyce Bussewitz, Linda Riesmeyer and Betty Zoeller Front Row: L to R: Bernadine Hanratty, Hope Cusick. President Maureen Quinn and Lynn Purcell

Back Row L to R: Nora Barton, Jo Rutherford, Constance McEnaney, Joyce Bussewitz, Linda Riesmeyer and Betty Zoeller
Front Row: L to R: Bernadine Hanratty, Hope Cusick. President Maureen Quinn and Lynn Purcell

News from the Vice President Maureen Shelton

This June I will be attending the LAOH Junior Convention in Hershey, Pennsylvania, I am looking forward to meeting the girls and coordinators from Pennsylvania. In this term as National Vice President I have had the opportunity to attend Junior meetings in South Carolina, Ohio and meet some of the Junior members from Georgia. While in New York at the State Convention last summer I had the opportunity to view the LAOH Junior’s scrapbooks they are so creative. The scrapbooks are full of their activities and fund raisers. It has been so interesting working with the Juniors. The girls are so positive and enthustic they are our future I hope that everyone continues to support and encourage the girls and new Junior Divisions.

I have worked with the Degree Team Liaison Betty Kreamer and the Degree Teams these past two years and we are always ready to help any State who would be interested in establishing a Degree Team. We welcomed South Carolina’s Degree Team last year.

President Hennessy and I were present at their State Convention as they conferred Degrees. If you are attending the National Convention this July take the opportunity to take your Degrees or come and observe the ceremony. If you plan on taking your Degrees or observing you will need to register the Degree Registration Form is available with the 2012 Convention information to the 2012 Convention website: www.hibernians.com. I encourage you if you have not taken your Degrees to do so, and if you have taken your Degrees to come and observe the ceremony. Our Degree Teams are very dedicated and put in many hours of practice we are so fortunate to have them. Please come and support them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the ladies I have worked with these past two years for all their hard work and efforts making the LAOH the great Organization that it is. It has been an honor to serve on the National Board. I hope to see you this July in Verona, New York at the AOH/LAOH National Convention.

Vice President Maureen Shelton

Pictured at the Ohio Convention: Left to Right: LAOH NATIONAL PRESIDENT Margaret Hennessy, New York; LAOH NATIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT Maureen Shelton, Michigan; LAOH NATIONAL CATHOLIC ACTION CHAIR Carol J. Sheyer, Ohio.

This has been a busy summer as many of our State Conventions are taking place.

I went to the Ohio Convention a day early so I could meet with the Junior Division, Golden Rose of Ireland, Mahoning County. I attended their meeting and had the honor of presenting the girls with the new Junior Medallions. The girls had won first place in the scrapbook contest at our National Convention and used this money to purchase the new Medallions. The Junior Coordinator, Sally Murphy Pallante, was kind enough to arrange a dinner at her home so I could meet with a counselor from The Ulster Project who the Juniors had worked with. The girls created a poster with doves placed on it with a message of hope from each of them that the counselor could take back to Northern Ireland. I was a wonderful evening spent with the girls; their enthusiasm is uplifting, it gives me much hope for the future of the LAOH.

I was able to attend the Ohio State Convention and the New York State Convention and participate in the meetings and activities. It was special to be there when ladies I have worked with and known for a number of years be installed as the new State Officers. I know that all the ladies will have such a positive effect in their State.

As I write this, I am preparing for the upcoming Interim Board Meeting and Testimonial Dinner for our National President in New York. I look forward to seeing many of our ladies in September.

Vice President

Maureen Shelton

This is a busy time of year with so many of our State Conventions taking place. I would like to thank the Ladies who have been doing such a wonderful job serving on their State Boards and congratulate the newly elected State Officers. It is a serious commitment to hold any office and to take on the responsibilities that go with it. I look forward to working with the new State Vice Presidents. I will be attending some State Conventions and hope to see many of my LAOH sisters once again.

I attended the AOH 175th Anniversary Mass in New York with the LAOH National Board.  What a proud moment as we marched together with our Hibernian brothers and sisters to Mass. The get together after mass was very festive. I must say that being piped into the Sunday Memorial Mass by the NYFD Pipe Band with some NYPD, NYFD and a fire engine was very moving. The other very moving event was the wreath lying at the cross that had been constructed from some of the structure of the World Trade Center. The wreath was placed in honor of our Hibernian Brothers, Sisters and the responders to 9/11. We walked together to the Famine Memorial and it turned out to be a soft Irish morning, how appropriate. It was so emotional to walk up the memorial and look out over the water and remember how our ancestors came to these same shores while leaving behind so many of their own, many never to return home to Ireland and their loved ones.  The AOH National President, Seamus Boyle, included the LAOH in both ceremonies. I was so honored and proud to be a representative of the LAOH on this very special weekend.

We are in the process of getting the Junior Newsletter on our National Website. The Juniors have been busy around the country. I will be meeting with some of the Juniors in Ohio this July, and observing the Degree Ceremony at the Ohio State Convention.

Finally, the additional good news is that South Carolina now boasts of our newest Degree Team, “Daughters of Erin”.

Pennsylvania News

The 96th Biennial AOH/LAOH PA State Convention will be held in the Valley Forge-King of Prussia area of Pennsylvania at the Dolce Hotel.  The convention will begin on Thursday, July 14th and conclude with the closing banquet on Saturday, July 16th.  For more information, please contact Ed Halligan at emhalli2@comcast.net.The Sisters of LAOH Div 32, Maud Gonne, (Allegheny County) recently commemorated a milestone for their division.  May 19th marked the 20th anniversary of their charter.  President Patti Flaus said that a fitting celebration is being planned for later in the year.

Fr. Thomas O’Donnell, National AOH Chaplain, celebrates the Commemoration of the Hunger Striker Mass at Old St. Patrick’s Church in Pittsburgh, PA on May 7th. This event was the 30th such Mass in Pittsburgh and many Irish organizations and several divisions of the AOH and LAOH participated. The procession to the Harp & Fiddle afterwards included the carrying of all 32 county flags of Ireland as well as pictures of the 10 hunger strikers. Matt Morrison was the featured speaker.

: PA LAOH Allegheny County Div 11 Members line up to participate in the march after the Commemorative Hunger Striker mass at St. Patrick’s Church in Pittsburgh. Pictured are (L - R) Mary Ellen Myers, Past President; Maggie Cloonan, Vice President; Maureen O’Toole, Allegheny County President and member of Division 11; Elleen Williams, Historian; Shirley Murphy, PA State Webmaster and Division 11 Publicity Chair and Mary Lou Conroy, President.