Brothers, as we begin the New Year we need you to focus on membership. As we discussed in the last edition of the digest, during the first quarter of each year we should have a strong focus on new members. As we approach our work for the Green Season we will have more and more membership opportunities. As you attend your parade meetings, St. Patrick’s Day event meetings and each event of the Green Season keep your eyes out for your next member. It is you who can make our membership efforts successful. Celebrate your Irish Catholic Heritage by bringing at least one new member to your division this Green Season.

By the time you read this all state presidents will have a copy of a new tri-fold recruiting brochure. This brochure is designed to include your local contact information. We need each division to send your local recruiting contact information to me via e-mail and I will send you electronic copies of the recruiting brochure personalized for your division that can be quick copied in either color or black and white. Many members have the ability to print these at home or in the office as well.  Please review the draft brochure and take notice to the new member form. We will include the local contact, address, telephone and e-mail for your division in this area.

There are three photos currently in the brochure. If you have a photo and tag line you wish to substitute for one or more of these to give additional local flavor to the brochure just let me know. This can be done! In searching for the right photo I recommend trying to demonstrate the younger involvement in the order. I have included a photo with this article that shows one of our young Hurley players from Akron, Patrick Taylor, getting hurly sticks into some very young future Hibernians during their local Irish Cultural Festival. These photos will certainly help recruit young members including those with younger children.

Many divisions have just completed elections and the new local officers have taken their place. It is critical to our membership efforts that each division fills each appointed office. These rolls are critical to the success of our organization and play a vital role in membership retention. In addition to getting more Brothers involved it also gives your division a broad base of interest ranging from Catholic Action, to the Ireland peace process, to the cultural and social role of the order.

As we move forward together recruiting for our future remember we are searching for ways to bring in new members, younger members, and those with varying interests. We are open to your suggestion on recruiting. We need to demonstrate to our recruits we are the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America® and we are a vibrant proactive organization dedicated to serve the needs and interest of Irish Catholic America. With you, we will succeed.

As you know, we are in the process of moving our recruiting material onto electronic format that can be easily shared and reproduced. The three Hibernian ads sent out recently can be printed in multiple sizes to fit the need of the day. Recently several Philadelphia divisions had these ads printed on solid boards which can easily be hung in the AOH halls. These 11 x 14 prints can be purchased and mailed to you for less than $30.00. Please contact me for additional information if you are interested in purchasing these.

By the time you read this article the Pro Life March and the FFAI Bloody Sunday tour will be behind us and we will be working on Project St. Patrick. These events demonstrate the wide range of Hibernian activities our members can participate in. Although you may not be able to personally participate in these each year you can help make Hibernian events a success. I would ask each division to participate in the FFAI Christmas Appeal annually at whatever level you can. This helps demonstrate our commitment to a united Ireland and the peace process. As we begin the New Year it is time to work on Project St. Patrick which provides scholarships to seminarians and religious. What better way to demonstrate our commitment to Hibernian principles than to honor our Chaplains with a $500 scholarship donation in their name. Remember, Together Everyone Achieves more and your commitment to the Hibernians principles and Hibernian membership will keep the Ancient Order of Hibernians the greatest organization in town.

Happy New Year DJOCONNELL@YSU.EDU 330-518-4450

NY State AOH Mass

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Photos by John O’Connell

NY State Board Meeting 11/10

Photos by John O’Connell

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