Virginia News

Another year, another Advent and soon another Christmas. Christmas time seems to come much faster now that we are adults doesn’t it. It was a long time between Christmases when we were kids. The birthday of our Savior is but a few more days away. The Virginia State Board has continued make a strong attempt to “Keep Christ in Christmas” again this year.  I encourage all Division presidents to contact radio stations in your local areas with a thirty second radio spot to keep Christ in Christmas. I encourage you to make a Nativity Scene as part of your Christmas decorations in your home and your meeting locations.

I encourage you to make sure that your Parish or perhaps an underprivileged Parish in your community is suitably dressed for Christmas. Offer to assist with decorations, flowers, cleanup or whatever is needed. Encourage our children to give gifts that they made themselves or a thoughtful act to those less fortunate this year.

As we approach the New Year it is also a time to reflect on our accomplishments or the things we did not accomplish in 2010 as a leader of the AOH. This is a time to set new goals, repair omissions and correct errors from last year and plan for a worthy future. It is always more meaningful and binding if we put our goals and commitments on paper, even if we do not show anyone else.

I hope that your schedule and plans enable you to spend a lot of time with your families this Christmas. I hope you will have the most wonderful and happiest Christmas of your life and that our Savior bestows his blessings on you and your family.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Holy New Year.

Picture (R – L) Back row: Joe Sabella; Aldo Direnzo; Marty Crimmins, Div 4. Front row: Dr. Craig Campbell, Div 1; Donald McAndrews, Div 4; Tom P Monahan, Div 4