Staten Ireland at the Fair

The Irish celebrated in Richmond County, NYC, on June 8th at the 15th Annual Staten Ireland Fair held on June 8th, 2013.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan celebrated Mass at the Fair, hosted by Richmond County AOH Div. 4, to benefit the St. Columcille Irish Cultural Center of Staten Island, and was dedicated to the memory of William “Ringo” Reilly, one of the founders of both the Fair & the Cultural Center and a Past County President.

By Patrick Glynn Jr., Sentinel, Richmond County Board


Missing Pat

Dear Brother and Sister Hibernians,


July 19, 2013, was the first anniversary of the passing of Pat Shannon.

We members of St. Patrick’s Division 2 still feel the loss of his knowlwedge and leadership but most of all his friendship. The past year was difficult, but was made easier by the support we received from the National, New York State and Suffolk County boards as well all of our fellow Hibernians nationwide. As head of the Tara Court Major Degree team and all of his hard work, Pat’s loss was felt across the country.

Please keep Pat, his wife, Della, and son, Kevin, in your prayers. And Pat, until we meet again, may God hold you in the Palm of his hand.

Man, I miss that smile!!!

Yours in Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity,

Jerry Belmont

President, AOH Division 2

Babylon, NY

2013 Hibernian Charity Election of Directors

As outlined in the Hibernian Charity By-Laws:

The Hibernian Charity Board of Directors shall consist of not less than three (3) or more than nine (9) persons. New Charity Directors shall be elected annually by the A.O.H National Board at a meeting of the board for a two (2) year term and terms of each Charity Director shall be staggered so that at no time is more than one Charity Director replaced during the same election.

            Four director’s seats will be filled by election by the AOH National Board at the upcoming National President’s Testimonial Dinner.

The four directors whose term has expired are Ned McGinley (PA), Ed Wallace (NY) and Jere Cole (NJ), and Thomas Bernie (NY).

All AOH members are eligible (including the four whose term is expired) to be nominated for a two-year term. Please submit nominations to me no later than September 20, 2013 so a ballot can be prepared for the meeting. Nominations can also be made at the National President’s Testimonial Dinner meeting.


In out motto,

Edward Dougherty

7236 Brous Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19149

(215) 338-4315

Minnesota News

As part of their spring Catholic Action project, the Hennepin County Ladies collected items for the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. This program assists parents who find themselves in the midst of a crisis and offers counseling and a safe environment for their children.  For their fall project, the ladies collect donations for uniforms for students at Ascension Catholic Grade School.

(Pictured left to right: Kitty Calhoun, Nancy Thue, Kathy Dudon, Susan Harvieux, Patty Johanning, Eileen Kjorstad)




National Board Makes Donation To Precious Life Shelter


The donation from the LAOH National Board on behalf of its membership

was made to the Precious Life Shelter in California. (Our third charity 2010-2012)


Pictured: Theresa Murphy, President, Theresa Sherrin, Founder, Peggy Cornish LAOH ST. Brigid Div. # 1 Orange County,  CA.


A note of THANKS from the Precious Life Shelter.

“Think where man’s glory most begins and ends,

And say my glory was I had such Friends.”

William Butler Yeats

Coming to Help Sandy Victims

Members of Division 39 in Philadelphia came to the aid of New York victims of Hurricane Sandy. From left, Chip McLean, National Director; Tony Nahill, Eugene Daly, Ed Costello, Pat Cassidy, Seamus Boyle, John Lappe and Jude Fanning (not pictured, Congressman and Jim Sullivan Brooklyn, after dropping truck load of supplies at AOH Hall in Brooklyn.

Sandy Aid 1


Kentucky News

The Third Annual Ancient order of Hibernians’ Irish for Kids Golf Scramble was on September 16, 2011, with the proceeds benefiting Boys & Girls Haven. The luck of the Irish was definitely with us as 108 golfers took to the links on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Even though no one was luckily enough to win a trip to Ireland by making a hole-in-one everyone enjoyed themselves. The big winner of the day was Boys & Girls Haven as the scramble raised $7,500.

On September 30, The Trinity Shamrocks took on their archrivals, The St. X Tigers. This is one of the biggest high school football games in the nation. The Hibernians have a long tradition of presenting the winner of this heated contest with the shillelagh. This year was no exception as the Hibernians proudly awarded the victorious Trinity Shamrocks with the shillelagh as they defeated the St. X Tigers.


Minnesota News

 Shamrock Division honors former LAOH state president

 Mary Minton celebrated her 100th birthday on Sept 4, 2011, at her residence in Belle Plaine. To help celebrate, members of the Shamrock Division of the Minnesota AOH, dressed in their official uniforms, arrived to thank her for her years of work in the Minnesota LAOH. Mrs. Minton served as state president for two years as well as two years as state treasurer and two years as state vice-president. The Minnesota LAOH had 743 members and 11 divisions then. She continued to be active on the Minnesota state board for several years after serving her terms. Mary continues to be active socially and supportive of the local Hibernian efforts. The Shamrock Division delegation congratulated and thanked Mrs. Minton for her dedication to the Hibernian ideals both at local and state levels. We wish her many more productive years.

The Shamrock Division of Le Sueur County of Minnesota is active with 56 members.




Vice President’s Report

Printed below is the current calendar for Major Degrees. Additions may be added as some states determine that they will try to have a degree conducted at their state conventions. Such requests must be sent to degree teams immediately so arrangements can be worked out on both ends. Also, it is imperative that those hosting a Major Degree begin NOW to contact those eligible in order to maximize the number of candidates taking the degree in your area.



04-03-11          Tara Court          Nassau County, NY    Jack Ryan            516-795-3813

04-03-11          Isle of Erin         Pennsylvania               Jim Murphy         610-265-7393   (max 40 candidates)

04-10-10          Columkill           Yonkers, NY               John O’Keefe      908-705-1606   (tentative)

05-14-11          CuChulainn        NJ Convention            Jack King             718-948-2555

06-05-11          Tara Court          Newport, RI                Rick O’Neill                        

07-16-11          Tara Court          NYS Convention        Walter Butler       631-736-2171

07-16-11          Isle of Erin         Pennsylvania               Jim Murphy         610-265-7393

10-09-11          Schenectady       Schenectady               Michael Glenn     518-505-3588   (tentative)

10-23-11          Tara Court          Div 2, Suffolk, NY    Walter Butler       631-736-2171



My Perspective on Turning 175 Years Old

Our vital signs are excellent. We are not merely seeing to it that our Irish culture is preserved; we are assuring that it flourishes in the areas of music, dance, language, history, and athletics to name just a few. Our combined charitable contributions and academic grants total millions of dollars annually. In addition, we continue to strive in a non-partisan manner to bring our Catholic perspective to both the marketplace and the political forum. The AOH has not simply evolved into a strictly “March 17th organization.” Nor have we vanished as many other Irish-American groups and societies across the United States have. Rather, as an organization of the 21st Century, we have remained faithful to the original visions and ideals of 1836. The diversity within our Irish-Catholic membership remains a mirror image of America’s occupations. In addition, we are being blessed with energetic young members who look to become part of all that we strive for, who seek not only to join in our journey, but to gradually lead that journey.

All of this became abundantly clear to me at a late-February New York City planning meeting preparatory to May’s 175th Anniversary Celebration. The group was composed of National Board members, New York State Board members, and prominent AOH officers/members from the New York metropolitan area. Young leaders and not-so-young leaders agreed and at times disagreed over various topics on our multi-page agenda. (There were moments when I looked down the table to our host, Monsignor Sakano, and noticed his eyes were raised to heaven!) But this diversity of age, talent, and position within the AOH possessed its own dynamic. And that bodes well for our 175th and well beyond it!!


LAOH Marches To Defend Life

LAOH members from across the country marched in Washington, DC to affirm our beliefs for protecting and respecting human life at all levels. Hibernians both AOH & LAOH marched with hundreds of thousands pro-life people to show that abortion and other attacks on life are unacceptable in our country.

Mary Hogan (National Secretary) and Kathy O’Sullivan (Richmond County, NY) in Washington, DC

Mary Hogan (National Secretary) and Kathy O’Sullivan (Richmond County, NY) in Washington, DC