National Convention Change

National President Moore has appointed me as the Board liaison to the ST. Louis Convention Committee.  I have been working very closely with the Host Committee Chairman National Director Judge Jim Wahl.  We had a problem with the hotel that was slated to be the site of the 2014 Convention.  Because of construction problems there that would not be resolved before our Convention we have moved the Convention to the Renaissance Grand hotel a Marriott property.  It is located in downtown St. Louis. The National Presidents of the AOH and LAOH have visited the hotel and were very impressed by the facility.

The Committee is now hard at work planning for a great Convention.  It will be the Fourth held in St. Louis. The last in 1960 and before that 1888 and 1904.  It is the 250th Anniversary of the founding of the City and many events are planned as the Gateway to the West celebrates its heritage.  If we are lucky the Cardinals will be in town and of course something will be worked out in conjunction with the team.  All the Convention information will be in the next issue of the Digest and a web site will also be up and running.  So plan to meet us in St. Louis starting on July 30 and ending with the final banquet on August 2.


George J. Clough, Jr., Past National President


2013 Hibernian Charity Election of Directors

As outlined in the Hibernian Charity By-Laws:

The Hibernian Charity Board of Directors shall consist of not less than three (3) or more than nine (9) persons. New Charity Directors shall be elected annually by the A.O.H National Board at a meeting of the board for a two (2) year term and terms of each Charity Director shall be staggered so that at no time is more than one Charity Director replaced during the same election.

            Four director’s seats will be filled by election by the AOH National Board at the upcoming National President’s Testimonial Dinner.

The four directors whose term has expired are Ned McGinley (PA), Ed Wallace (NY) and Jere Cole (NJ), and Thomas Bernie (NY).

All AOH members are eligible (including the four whose term is expired) to be nominated for a two-year term. Please submit nominations to me no later than September 20, 2013 so a ballot can be prepared for the meeting. Nominations can also be made at the National President’s Testimonial Dinner meeting.


In out motto,

Edward Dougherty

7236 Brous Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19149

(215) 338-4315

Report of the National Legal Counsel

State Conventions are now occurring across the Country. As part of these Conventions, many States are adopting new by-laws or revising old by-laws. Article XX, Section 1 of the National Constitution provides that each State, County and/or Division Board may adopt by-laws to govern the transaction of business, as may be necessary. Each jurisdiction, adopting and/or revising their by-laws is required to submit those by-laws to the next higher jurisdiction for certification that no conflicts exists with the by-laws of the next higher level. Each jurisdiction reviewing by-laws is required to submit those by-laws to the next higher level, until the National President has reviewed those by-laws. For example, if a division adopts a set of by-laws, the division is required to submit the by-laws to the county board. After certification that no conflict exists with the County Board’s by-laws, the County Board is required to submit those by-laws to the State Board, after certification that no conflict exists with the State Board by-laws, the State Board is required to submit those by-laws to the National Board. Pursuant to the National Constitution, by-laws are not effective until they have been approved by the National President. To begin the process of National Board review, all by-laws adopted and/or revised should be submitted to the National Legal Counsel’s Office at 39797 Village Woode Lane, Novi, Michigan 48375. They will then be submitted to National President Brendan Moore for approval and/or rejection.

The Constitutional Committee has received a number of proposed resolutions which update and/or modify the National Constitution. In late October, the Constitutional Committee will be meeting to finalize its review and report of the proposed updates. Any member who is interested in reviewing the proposed resolutions may do so by visiting the National Website at Access the site is restricted by a username and password. Drop me an email at, with your Name, State, Division and Membership number and I will forward the username and password to you. All members of the Order are entitled to review of the proposed resolutions.

Greetings From The President

I hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the summer and had time for some R & R. It was a pleasure to attend several State Conventions and it was wonderful to see the work of the Order. The business meetings were very productive and I look forward to working with the new State Boards. The new Officers were all very enthusiastic about moving forward for the next two years. Many of the officers have moved up but there are some new officers on board. It is very healthy and positive to have more than one person running for the same office; competition is a good thing. I would be remiss if I did not mention how much Patricia Doyle was missed at the New York State Convention. Pat was always there to help her sisters. Her sisters are dealing with her passing but she will always be in their hearts.

We have exciting news about the 2014 National Convention! The Convention will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown St. Louis — it is a beautiful and stately hotel that will definitely fit our needs. The dates have changed –they are July 30, 31-Aug 1-2. The LAOH will also have a Constitutional Convention starting on the morning of July 30th. Past National President, Kathie Linton, will keep everyone up-to-date-on the convention.

Our Interim Board meeting will be held on November 2, at the Historic Dearborn Inn, in Dearborn, MI. There are many things to see and do in the area.  The Henry Ford Museum, Henry Ford Village and the Automotive Hall of Fame are very close to the hotel. You can look online at The Henry Ford and view the area. We hope that many of you ladies will come to Michigan.

The Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds have been distributed to many sister and brother Hibernians. Funds were also donated to help rebuild the AOH Halls that were damaged. Ladies, your generosity was greatly appreciated by all. Once again you have come forward to help those in need. It is amazing what our Order does on a regular basis and yet you never fail to step up when asked. I am so proud to be a member of the LAOH.

I would like to recognize the ladies of New York and any other ladies who lent a hand these many months for all the tireless hours helping our sister and brother Hibernians and anyone who was in need of help after Hurricane Sandy. They cooked and served many meals, also donating clothes, linens, food goods and paper products. They are the unsung heroes, they live our motto!

Yours in Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,


Pennsylvania News


On May 19, 2013, LAOH Allegheny County PA Division 7 of Turtle Creek celebrated a Mass for their living and dead members at St. Colman’s Parish in Turtle Creek PA. Father Markel, AOH Division 17’s Chaplain, celebrated the Mass. This is a yearly tradition for LAOH Division 7 with a special remembrance for Sr. Peggy Flaherty CDP, for whom Division 7 was named in November 1997.


Mary Ellen O’Neill Division #4, Washington County, Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc. welcomed new Member – Jean Magiske. (Sitting) Next to her is Rose Venanzi, Irish Historian. Jean Magiske was installed by Division President and Past National President, Dorothy Weldon (Left Front) on May 4, 2013 at the Home of President Weldon. Next to Weldon, Susan Chappel, Vice-President, Margaret Foyle, Dottie Taylor, Carole Seader, Patricia Loversidge, Gloria Tracey, Laura DeBor, Missions and Charities, Peg Might, Secretary, Ruth Oates and Mary Rosick – sister of New Member, Jean Magiske


Michigan News

The Michigan LAOH and AOH enjoyed a fantastic weekend of friendship and unity in Flint, Michigan on May 3, 4 & 5th at our joint convention.  The festivities started with an Ice Breaker hosted by the Michigan AOH State Board on Friday evening and ended with mass and a banquet on Saturday night.  Following the mass the new officers for the 2013-2015 LAOH State Board were installed by National President, Maureen Shelton, assisted by the Michigan St. Brigid Degree Team.


California Convention

California State LAOH Past President, Leeann McGrady, presents our National President, Maureen Shelton, with a token of her visit to California.CALIFORNIA CONVENTION

Ohio News

Dublin was the scene for this year’s Ohio State Convention. Dublin, Ohio, not the other one! The Columbus AOH/LAOH team, led by Judy Leedy and Ron Hagan, put on a great convention that went without a hitch. Several National Officers honored us with their presence and shared their wisdom and insights with us. They included LAOH National President Maureen Shelton, Secretary Susan  Lauster and appointees Kathy Linton (also past president)  and Marilyn Madigan. The women of the Ohio Board bring a lot of experience to the table. New to the Board this year are Jenn Namsick and Mary Beth Chrystal, both excited to make a contribution. The following are the newly elected Ohio State Board.

Back row: Kathie Linton, Past National President; Teresa Kowalski, Missions and Charities; Jennifer Hansick, Catholic Action; Marilyn Madigan, National750 Club and Sue Lauster, National Secretary

Front Row: Mary Beth Chrystal, Treasurer; Clara Joyce, Secretary; Maureen Shelton, National President;  Eloise Stalter, State President and  Maire Manning, Vice President


Save the Date


ü AOH National President’s Testimonial Dinner

ü Interim AOH National Board Meeting

ü Presentation of the AOH-LAOH

          Sean MacBride Humanitarian Award

Crown Plaza Hotel, Suffern, NY

Details to follow regarding:

  • hotel contact and reduced room rates

  • menu and dinner pricing

  • journal

  • program

Hibernians helping Hibernians

On Dec. 15, the first of the Storm Relief donations were distributed in Long Beach, Nassau County; Rockaway, Queens County; Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn; and Forked River, New Jersey.

National President Brendan Moore, Past National President and Storm Relief Chairman Seamus Boyle, National Board members Jere Cole, Chip McLean and Dan Dennehy, as well as Hibernian Charity Secretary Ed Dougherty traveled to all four locations for the distribution of checks to grateful Hibernians.

Irish Consul General Noel Kilkenny joined the group in support of the Hibernian effort.

Brooklyn President Jim Sullivan, Noel Kilkenny, Brendan Moore, Siobhan Dennehy (President, Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers), and Director Jere Cole at Baile Na NGeal.

Brooklyn President Jim Sullivan, Noel Kilkenny, Brendan Moore, Siobhan Dennehy (President, Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers), and Director Jere Cole at Baile Na NGeal.

President Brendan Moore presented a check to AOH Disaster Relief recipient.

President Brendan Moore presented a check to AOH Disaster Relief recipient.

President Moore, Disaster Committee Chair Boyle and Committee with New York and Connecticut state Presidents.

President Moore, Disaster Committee Chair Boyle and Committee with New York and Connecticut state Presidents.

Irish Consul General Noel Kilkenny with Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ridge at Baile NaNGael.

Irish Consul General Noel Kilkenny with Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ridge at Baile NaNGael.

A Rockaway AOH family

A Rockaway AOH family