Announcing the Ancient Order of Hibernians’ 175th Anniversary Members’ Photo & Story Album

Since 1836 the Ancient Order of Hibernians has been a place of refuge and comfort to incoming Irish immigrants. The many Divisions and club facilities help the new arrivals adjust socially and economically. In celebration of the 175th Anniversary, and the traditions and legacy of the Hibernians, we are putting together a special, commemorative Members’ Story and Photo Album. This publication will let you tell of what the Irish-American experience means to you and your family. It can be anything as personal as the story of your ancestors, coming to America, or your participation in the AOH, or as broad as Irish-American traditions, values common among Irish Americans, or community involvement. Through these personal photos and narratives, you will see the evolution of the Irish American culture and the eternal bridge to our ancestors, and realize the individual growth we all have experienced as Hibernians

Every Irish American, past and present, shares an extraordinary bond. Collectively, you have experienced many different things. You are all connected through your Irish heritage, and this publication will help you to stay connected. In addition to documenting our history, this commemorative edition will also serve as a comprehensive reference of Irish Americans everywhere in the United States and Canada. You will be able to submit a four-color photograph as well as up to a 300 word story. Besides being a substantial 8 ½ x 11 full color edition for you to own, a portion of the total project proceeds will benefit the AOH.

The National AOH office has selected Harris Connect as their trusted partner to research and produce this commemorative publication. The Chesapeake, Virginia based publisher has worked with many fraternal organizations, and we encourage you to participate in this project as part of your Irish American birthright. Members will be contacted by phone, email and mail starting in late September.

Be on the lookout in the near future for your chance to participate.

Thank you for your support and effort in making this Ancient Order of Hibernians 175th Anniversary Members’ Story & Photo Album yet another way to record and preserve your own personal legacy as well as the ancestral connection we enjoy in this country and beyond.

Charities and Missions

By now, almost all of the State Conventions are finished. I would like to congratulate all the new State Officers on their election to office. I attended the Pennsylvania State convention and was honored to assist National President Seamus Boyle with the installation of the new State Board. Knowing these men and their past accomplishments as I do, I am confident that they will serve our Order well.

I continue to be amazed by the generosity of our members. Numerous reports have come in since our last convention and I am overwhelmed by the continued support to our charities. During this summer, reports have been coming in at a slower rate. But I understand this, as summer is the time for vacations. As autumn continues, I know we will getting back to our good works. All reports are tallied and recognition will be given at our next National Convention.

Mission and Charities forms can be found on line at The forms are self-explanatory. Fill in all the requested information and send them to me at or mail to 925 Campbell St., Williamsport, PA.  17701.

Adh mor.


Patricia Rattigan

Since our last publication, it has been a busy time in Ireland.  There were major elections in the North of Ireland where Sinn Fein gained some seats and is the major Belfast party.  The Irish Government had successful visits by President Obama, Queen Elizabeth, and Prime Minister Cameron with everyone agreeing to move forward, keep the economy moving.    May 5th was the 30th Anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands.  The people of his constituency showed the power of their vote when over 30,000 came out and elected Bobby as their MP.  A democratic action shaped the course of history.  I think that one of Bobby’s quotes embodied what is trying to be achieved in the North today… “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.”  It is a shame with the resurgence in violence in the North that their sacrifices that brought us to the Good Friday Agreement are forgotten and the peace process has been tested.

I had the privilege on June 23rd to attend the booking signing in New York City of Fr. Sean McManus author of “My American Struggle For Justice in Northern Ireland”.   It was interesting to listen to Fr. Mc Manus recalling what he encountered in the early 70’s in getting help from the U.S Congressional Leaders for Human Rights in Northern Ireland.  Fr. Mc Manus is the founder of the Irish National Caucus and I urge everyone to purchase Fr. Mc Manus’ book because it is an important part of our Irish History.  The book is available on and will be coming to Barnes and Noble shortly. Enjoy a great and safe summer!

To purchase or or more information on Fr. McManus’s book go to: and click “Buy Now”.To order by MAIL send to: Fr. Sean Mc Manus, PO Box 15128, Washington, DC 20003-0849.

Vice President’s Message

HEY, THOSE CHRISTMAS CARDS LOOKED GREAT!! And so many of you used the Hibernian address labels we mailed you as a token of our appreciation for your continued and anticipated support for the AOH National Board’s charitable giving in your name. We need every Hibernian’s participation in order for that effort to remain a success. Continue to show your pride in being a Hibernian by displaying our AOH logo on your mail.

  • Please forward a check for your labels along with the “Tear-Off/Return” section.
  • Check must be made payable to: AOH National Board.
  • Mail to: Ancient Order of Hibernians, P.O. Box 71, Blue Point, N.Y. 11715

UPCOMING MAJOR DEGREES: I am providing below the details, presently available for upcoming Major Degrees. In addition, it is anticipated that some State Convention Planning Committees will soon be in contact with our teams to arrange for Major Degrees at their conventions.


02-05-11    Cuchulainn     Staten Island, NY      Jack King         718-948-2555

04-03-11    Tara Court      Nassau County, NY  Jack Ryan        516-795-3813

04-03-11    Isle of Erin     Pennsylvania            Jim Murphy     610-265-7393

04-10-10    Columkill       Yonkers, NY           John O’Keefe  908-705-1606

06-05-11    Tara Court      Newport, RI             Rick O’Neill                     

NEW DIVISION PRESIDENTS/OFFICERS: First of all, congratulations and thank you! Your offer to be an AOH officer is appreciated both at the local level and throughout the AOH. With that in mind, I would like to offer some ideas we all might reflect on.

  • Genuine authority is service, and it often involves personal sacrifice.
  • Yes, you have been called by your Brothers to lead, but you are still part of a team.
  • No individual should be making all the decisions.
  • No individual has a monopoly on good ideas.
  • Count on your Brothers for support. We are on your side and at your side.
  • Keep in mind that the AOH is a national organization, so that requires that you participate beyond your division in county, state, and national activities and programs.
  • Seek to harness the strength, generosity, and talents of your Brothers so they are enriched by serving the hungry, the poor, the homeless, the sick, and those with special needs. In this way our “Christian Charity” is dynamic, practical, and transforming for all involved.
  • Good luck!!!

Vice President’s Message

AOH ADDRESS LABELS By now you should have received Hibernian address labels as a token of our appreciation for your continued and anticipated support for the AOH National Board’s charitable giving in your name. Please notice that each set has been forwarded to your Hibernian Digest address and (due to repeated requests for additional labels) is composed of sixty labels instead of the thirty-three mailed in past years. As Hibernians, an organization of Irish-American Catholics, we feel compelled to promote our Gospel and cultural values wherever possible. It is through your own sharing in the mighty mission of the AOH that we seek to serve others in a responsive manner that is consistent with the rich traditions of our own legacy of Heritage, History, and Faith. We need every Hibernian’s participation in order for that mission to continue to be a success. Show your pride in being a Hibernian by displaying our AOH logo on your mail.

ü  Please forward your check along with the “Tear-Off/Return” section.

ü  Check must be made payable to: AOH National Board.

ü  Mail to: Ancient Order of Hibernians, P.O. Box 71, Blue Point, N.Y. 11715

ST. LOUIS 2014: Wow! Those Hibernians are energized and enthusiastic. Our October visit had the purpose of finalizing contract details with the Millennium Hotel and connecting with the local convention committee’s leadership. While 2014 seems like an eternity away, this group already has ideas on how to make the most of your stay with them. The hotel is beautiful and its location is super; just one street away from, and with most rooms facing, the famous St. Louis Arch. If you can imagine it – Seamus Boyle, Tom McNabb, Jim McKay and I were treated like visiting rock stars. (Seamus even got to throw out the first pitch at the Cardinals home game!) The Friday evening reception attended by members from all of the St. Louis divisions, as well as men and women from across the river in Belleville, Illinois, was informal and very special. As the evening grew later, more of their younger members began to arrive. Asking about what they see as attracting 20’s and 30’s to the AOH got us some valuable insights: the ritual, the sense of truly being Irish, friends recruiting friends, older members willing to share experience/expertise/guidance, the willingness to let younger Brothers show what they can do, and an openness to their voices and ideas. My own take on this experience: We have met the future of the AOH, and it looks great!!!  

BE QUIET AND WAIT!!! The four weeks of Advent will have begun by the time this reaches you. It is, and is meant to be, a time of quiet waiting. The reflective mood of Advent can easily be lost in the noise of crowded stores and the blaring of the secular world’s “holiday” music. But during these special weeks the true challenge for each of us is to seek the Lord, and in so doing to realize that He is waiting to be found. Here’s hoping we can all search for and discover our own moments of Advent “Time Out.”  Have a Blessed Christmas!


By the time you read this article most thoughts should be turned to spring and our marching season.  However, do not forget that all Per Capita dues for all AOH members are already past due at this time.  I ask all Division Presidents to check with their Financial Secretaries to make sure that “the check is in the mail”.

We have been getting a number of queries concerning individual Division IRS status, as it concerns raffles. Probably 90 percent of all Divisions in our Order conduct some form of money raising schemes through a raffle.  In the next issue I will devote a column to the IRS requirements concerning how raffle winnings should be treated as required by IRS regulations.  However, it should be noted that before a Division can get within the regulation guidelines, they must first obtain an EIN number.  Therefore I remind all Divisions that do not have an EIN number to obtain one.  You have already been informed in a previous article on the simplicity of this procedure.  The application and instructions can be found on-line at: (search “SS-4).

As stated before, the IRS is expanding its investigatory pursuits into the field of charitable organizations.  The past practice of “asking for forgiveness versus permission” is no longer practical.  In the future when planning raffles’ all Divisions should be knowledgeable on the threshold requirements of the IRS regulations as well as have 1099 forms for those winners whose winnings exceed the threshold limit.  My article will be devoted to this subject in the next issue.

God bless and hope you had a happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Yours in Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity.