Webmaster – Joe McDonald

When I took the job of National Webmaster back in July, one of the things I said to President Brendan Moore is that we need a national division directory on site, so existing and prospective members can find out what division there are in the country and also where and when they meet.

And as a byproduct, we can also find out the locations of all the Hibernian Halls in the country.

So after a number of months polling divisions and conducting a full census, early in January we opened up the National Division Directory on aoh.com.

You can find it at www.aoh.com/division-directory.

All 357 active divisions have been included and on this directory, you can enter your zip code or address and it will tell you the closest divisions to you, narrowing down your search.

Of course, an effort like this wouldn’t not have happened without a lot of help, and some National and State officers really come through here. I would especially like to point out John Wilson of Missouri, Gerry Ennis of Pennsylvania, Joe Casler of Louisiana, Jim Nettles of South Carolina, Greg Canning of Florida, Joe Casey of Ohio, and Pat Sturdy of Michigan, who made sure their states were represented in this effort.

Now to upkeep the directory, we need the effort of each Division. The contacts we have on there now may have changed, but it’s up to the Divisions to inform me of those changes. So if you find a mistake, please email me at joseph.mcdonald@aoh.com.

Protect Yourself:  It has come to my attention that many AOH members have been getting viruses on their computers. Most of this can be prevented with some simple maintenance. Everyone probably has some sort of virus software on their system, but that is not really enough these days and no matter how old of a computer you own, if you follow these simple steps, then you can protect yourself and prolong the life of your system.  (This may not apply to Mac owners who generally don’t get viruses).

1)      Make sure your computer is updated on a regular basis. Windows computers have automatic updates. Allow them to download by putting your computer to sleep rather than shutting it off. And when you shut your system down, do it from Windows, instead of holding down the button on the computer.

2)      Have a Malware program installed like Malwarebytes. Virus programs don’t protect against Malware, which can steal your information and get into your emails. The free version of Malwarebytes has to be run manually. A paid version will do it automatically.

3)      You get what you pay for. And if you are using a free virus software program, it’s not protecting your system as well as paid ones. If you ask me which ones are the best, I would tell you to go with Norton or the paid version of Advast!

4)      Have a registry cleaner on your system. Over time your computer’s registry files become bad and a registry cleaner will make your computer run more efficiently.

5)      Be smart about the emails your receive. If you get an email from a person your know saying he is stuck in Malaysia or the Philippines and needs you to wire them money because they lost their wallet. It’s probably a phishing scam. Also if you get an email that just contains a link and nothing else. Don’t click the link. It’s probably a virus link after the person’s email has gotten broken into.

I would like to make mention that I have been named Aide to the Grand Marshal of the 25th Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade to take place on March 17th in Glen Cove, NY. All Hibernians in good standing are welcome to march and we would love to have you.


Missouri News

The Easter Rising was commemorated by a march to the Republican Monument in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. Past National President George Clough was joined by Missouri State President John Wilson and Ladies Missouri State President Loretta Sheerin and members of Divisions from St. Louis City and County, St. Charles County, Missouri and St Clair County, Illinois.

The program included the reading of biographies of some of the men and women who participated in the Rising and the reading of the Easter Proclamation.

The Monument was built to commemorate those who are buried there who participated in the wars for Irish Independence. The Commemoration has been held each year and plans are already being made for the special Commemoration of the One Hundredth Anniversary in 2016. Those attending the 2014 National Convention in St. Louis will be able to visit the Monument while at the Convention.