Vice President’s Message

AOH ADDRESS LABELS By now you should have received Hibernian address labels as a token of our appreciation for your continued and anticipated support for the AOH National Board’s charitable giving in your name. Please notice that each set has been forwarded to your Hibernian Digest address and (due to repeated requests for additional labels) is composed of sixty labels instead of the thirty-three mailed in past years. As Hibernians, an organization of Irish-American Catholics, we feel compelled to promote our Gospel and cultural values wherever possible. It is through your own sharing in the mighty mission of the AOH that we seek to serve others in a responsive manner that is consistent with the rich traditions of our own legacy of Heritage, History, and Faith. We need every Hibernian’s participation in order for that mission to continue to be a success. Show your pride in being a Hibernian by displaying our AOH logo on your mail.

ü  Please forward your check along with the “Tear-Off/Return” section.

ü  Check must be made payable to: AOH National Board.

ü  Mail to: Ancient Order of Hibernians, P.O. Box 71, Blue Point, N.Y. 11715

ST. LOUIS 2014: Wow! Those Hibernians are energized and enthusiastic. Our October visit had the purpose of finalizing contract details with the Millennium Hotel and connecting with the local convention committee’s leadership. While 2014 seems like an eternity away, this group already has ideas on how to make the most of your stay with them. The hotel is beautiful and its location is super; just one street away from, and with most rooms facing, the famous St. Louis Arch. If you can imagine it – Seamus Boyle, Tom McNabb, Jim McKay and I were treated like visiting rock stars. (Seamus even got to throw out the first pitch at the Cardinals home game!) The Friday evening reception attended by members from all of the St. Louis divisions, as well as men and women from across the river in Belleville, Illinois, was informal and very special. As the evening grew later, more of their younger members began to arrive. Asking about what they see as attracting 20’s and 30’s to the AOH got us some valuable insights: the ritual, the sense of truly being Irish, friends recruiting friends, older members willing to share experience/expertise/guidance, the willingness to let younger Brothers show what they can do, and an openness to their voices and ideas. My own take on this experience: We have met the future of the AOH, and it looks great!!!  

BE QUIET AND WAIT!!! The four weeks of Advent will have begun by the time this reaches you. It is, and is meant to be, a time of quiet waiting. The reflective mood of Advent can easily be lost in the noise of crowded stores and the blaring of the secular world’s “holiday” music. But during these special weeks the true challenge for each of us is to seek the Lord, and in so doing to realize that He is waiting to be found. Here’s hoping we can all search for and discover our own moments of Advent “Time Out.”  Have a Blessed Christmas!