Missing Pat

Dear Brother and Sister Hibernians,


July 19, 2013, was the first anniversary of the passing of Pat Shannon.

We members of St. Patrick’s Division 2 still feel the loss of his knowlwedge and leadership but most of all his friendship. The past year was difficult, but was made easier by the support we received from the National, New York State and Suffolk County boards as well all of our fellow Hibernians nationwide. As head of the Tara Court Major Degree team and all of his hard work, Pat’s loss was felt across the country.

Please keep Pat, his wife, Della, and son, Kevin, in your prayers. And Pat, until we meet again, may God hold you in the Palm of his hand.

Man, I miss that smile!!!

Yours in Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity,

Jerry Belmont

President, AOH Division 2

Babylon, NY

National Secretary Thomas McNabb and Treasurer Dan O’Connell

Our articles over the last year have been designed to provide information on the various processes Secretaries and Treasurers follow in order to keep you division up to date. We have seen improvement in how forms are completed as well as divisions meeting deadlines. As we all know, there is always room for improvement. That being said, we will continue to cover our procedures on a regular basis.

Is your membership information correct on you travel card? Please take your travel card out today and review your information. If any information on your card is incorrect, get the corrections to your division Financial Secretary immediately.  Each Financial Secretary will receive a print out of your entire division membership during the month of September. We will ask him to make all necessary changes and return the print out. These changes will be made prior to printing out your 2014 membership card. This procedure has been in place for several years however many divisions do not take advantage of it. Please take the time to discuss this at your meetings and be sure your Financial Secretary sends all corrections in.

If you made your major degrees and they are not marked on your card (or the list we send to your Financial Secretary) please contact the degree team.  The secretary of the degree team is the only one who can verify your degrees and have it added to your card. Normally this is sent in to the national office within ten days of the degrees.

Electronic Backup. We recently spent several days working together in the National Office to implement improved backup procedures for all our current forms and documents. We have moved to a system that keeps our current files on hand in the office and on disc in each of our homes. It is good to keep a backup of your division information in another location as well. Although we pray no one goes through a Katrina or Sandy type of disaster again it makes everyone realize how important off site backup for your documents is. On a side note, it is probably a good idea to have your personal documents backed up and stored somewhere outside you home. With our new system, each current Form 9 and Form 11 will be backed up electronically when it is received.

Per Capita. Although the majority of the 2012 per capita came in by February there were too many divisions paying late again this year.  Please remind your officers that if your Per Capita isn’t paid on time to both  national and state your division is not in good standing. In turn, your personal membership is not in good standing. This issue will prevent you from participation in County, State and National conventions as well. We have seen members upset at several conventions when they realized they could not vote. Although we understand brothers upset when they can’t vote at a convention they must understand it is your divisions responsibility to pay your per capita on time. It is not the responsibility of the convention credential committee, the state secretary or the national secretary to pay your division per capita. It is the responsibility of the division financial secretary to send division per capita in each year by February 15.  Remember, it’s the previous year per capita that is being paid. (2012 dues collected by divisions = per capita paid to national and state between January 1 and February 15, 2013)

As the convention season winds down, we hope you took advantage of the many quality programs put on by states around the country. It has been especially rewarding to observe the many major degrees ceremonies. If you did not have an opportunity to make your major degrees yet we remind you that the 2014 convention in St. Louis will provide a great opportunity to do so.

Thank you to the State Secretaries and Treasures who covered AOH forms, policies and procedures during their state conventions. The opportunity for membership education on the forms, polies and procedures of the order should be seized whenever available. As always, questions from Secretaries and Treasurers can be directed to AOH National Secretary Tom McNabb or AOH National Treasurer Danny O’Connell respectively. Thank you,

New York News

Suffolk County Celtic Degree Team celebrates 35 years

Celebrating 35 years in which thousands of our Sisters received their Degree, the members of the Degree Team enjoyed the company of each other and a Sunday Brunch in June.  The program focused on women and Irish History and our guest AOH Historian, Mike McCormack, went through the years with the contributions of women to Ireland.  Finally, he presented his new poem, The Ladies of Erin, giving honor to Irish women in the fields of freedom, wisdom and the arts.  Overall, the women enjoyed a beautiful Sunday with renewed vigor to preserve and present our cultural heritage.


Michigan News

The Michigan LAOH and AOH enjoyed a fantastic weekend of friendship and unity in Flint, Michigan on May 3, 4 & 5th at our joint convention.  The festivities started with an Ice Breaker hosted by the Michigan AOH State Board on Friday evening and ended with mass and a banquet on Saturday night.  Following the mass the new officers for the 2013-2015 LAOH State Board were installed by National President, Maureen Shelton, assisted by the Michigan St. Brigid Degree Team.



The Suffolk County Celtic Degree team is pictured. In a recent Degree, the fifty-five candidates came from Nassau County and New York County in addition to the Suffolk County Ladies. The Degree Team is honored to promote our culture and heritage and welcome candidates into full membership of our Order.NEW YORK

South Carolina News

Please remember in your prayers our recently deceased sisters, Joan Colbert, Past State and St. Brigid’s Division President and Muriel Cusker, also a member of St. Brigid’s Division. Both passed away in September.

Kathleen Kelley has been chosen by the St. Ciara Division, Bluffton, GA as the LAOH 2012 Hibernian of the Year. Kathleen has the distinction of forming the St. Ciara Division and also Our Lady of Knock Division in Cumberland County, PA. Through Kathleen’s efforts St. Ciara has grown from its original 15 members to 70+ today. She continues to share the importance of living our motto with all she does and with everyone she meets. Her tireless efforts have helped many needy, sick and elderly in her community. We are so thankful and proud to have her call South Carolina home!


St. Brigid Division, Myrtle Beach hosted the 3rd Annual Celtic Cup Mini-Golf Challenge with Our Lady of Knock Division, Charleston. These two divisions have formed a wonderful friendship and plan to continue with fun activities, thanks to the efforts of Presidents Betsy Farrelly and Cheryl Daniels.

Sisters of Erin Division, Fort Mill, is pleased to announce the AOH-LAOH 2013 State Convention dates of September 27, 28 and 29, 2013.

Daughters of Erin, South Carolina Degree Team is planning to offer Degrees in March 2013. Those interested, please contact Maureen McEvoy, (843) 238-8132.

News from the Vice President Maureen Shelton

This June I will be attending the LAOH Junior Convention in Hershey, Pennsylvania, I am looking forward to meeting the girls and coordinators from Pennsylvania. In this term as National Vice President I have had the opportunity to attend Junior meetings in South Carolina, Ohio and meet some of the Junior members from Georgia. While in New York at the State Convention last summer I had the opportunity to view the LAOH Junior’s scrapbooks they are so creative. The scrapbooks are full of their activities and fund raisers. It has been so interesting working with the Juniors. The girls are so positive and enthustic they are our future I hope that everyone continues to support and encourage the girls and new Junior Divisions.

I have worked with the Degree Team Liaison Betty Kreamer and the Degree Teams these past two years and we are always ready to help any State who would be interested in establishing a Degree Team. We welcomed South Carolina’s Degree Team last year.

President Hennessy and I were present at their State Convention as they conferred Degrees. If you are attending the National Convention this July take the opportunity to take your Degrees or come and observe the ceremony. If you plan on taking your Degrees or observing you will need to register the Degree Registration Form is available with the 2012 Convention information to the 2012 Convention website: www.hibernians.com. I encourage you if you have not taken your Degrees to do so, and if you have taken your Degrees to come and observe the ceremony. Our Degree Teams are very dedicated and put in many hours of practice we are so fortunate to have them. Please come and support them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the ladies I have worked with these past two years for all their hard work and efforts making the LAOH the great Organization that it is. It has been an honor to serve on the National Board. I hope to see you this July in Verona, New York at the AOH/LAOH National Convention.

New Major Degree team certified in South Carolina

The newest Ancient Order of Hibernians Major Degree Team is the Carraig Phadraig Major Degree Team in South Carolina. The team has been practicing for over a year and was chaired by Past State President Neil Diamond. National Ritual Chairman Patrick Shannon certified it at the 7th bi-annual State Convention in Charleston on October 22.

The Rock of Cashel (Irish: Carraig Phadraig), also known as Cashel of Kings and St. Patrick’s Rock is a historic site in Ireland’s province of Munster, located at Cashel, South Tipperary. The Rock of Cashel was the traditional seat of the Kings of Munster for several hundred years. Cashel is reputed to be the site of the conversion of the King of Munster by St. Patrick in the 5th century.

National Ritual Chairman Patrick Shannon & Past New York President John Hennessy

The Msgr. John L Manning Division in Charleston County and the Brian Boru Division in Berkeley County formed the team. It includes members from Horry and Beaufort counties. Key members are Al Stiles, Jim Kelly, Tim Keneflick, James Nettles and Martin Fosberry.

At the 7th bi-annual convention, the team performed its first Major Degree for a group of 49 new candidates. This brings the state to 170 major degree members out of a total of more than 500 members. Candidates came from all nine Divisions in South Carolina. The team held a practice for National Ritual Chairman Patrick Shannon on Friday before the convention. He made several small suggestions to help improve the team performance. National Director Len Byrne, Past New York State President John Hennessey and National President Seamus Boyle also attended the degree.





New Carriag Phadraig Degree Team

Degree team certificate. NY State past President John Hennessy, National Director Len Bryne, Past SC President and Team Organizer, SC State President James Nettles and National Ritual Chairman Patrick Shannon.

Directors Report

State Conventions and election of new officers in each state have been the focus of the last couple of months. North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia all had conventions recently. Louisiana held their Convention in the Summer.

Much of the discussion at the Conventions focused on expansion as well as retention. At times retention is more difficult than expansion. We don’t always take the time to find out why a Brother is missing meetings or not really participating in the various events. We need to do just as we would for a falling away Catholic and approach and find out the problems. Relative to expansion we need to get with the parish priests and educate them on the AOH. All too often in the South the only Catholic men’s organization that they are aware of is the Knights.

In South Carolina, the new Major Degree Team (the only one in the South) conducted degrees for over 35 Brothers. Thanks to Patrick Shannon for his help.

I’m pleased to advise that Georgia has been reenergized and I will be spending time with them as they move forward. Also, Texas is talking about as many as three new divisions and Alabama has added a new one.

On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed the President’s Dinner and meeting. I will say the Pub Crawl did wear me out but is was fun and getting a chance to meet everyone was great. My congratulations go to Seamus for an outstanding tenure as National President.

South Carolina News

In July the Officers of the South Carolina State Board attended the Ordination of the three new Priests in the Diocese of Charleston and presented each with a check. AOH members in the state are actively involved in vocations and assisting our seminarians and priests and giving full support to Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone. In April, South Carolina lost its first State Chaplain, Msgr. Joseph Roth. The 9 Divisions raised $2,250 in his memory and a check was presented to the Bishop State Chaplain Fr. Timothy Gahan requested that the collection at the convention Mass be given to Project St. Patrick. The AOH n South Carolina is dedicated to following in the footsteps of the founders in supporting vocations and our clergy.

South Carolina recently held their 7th Biannual AOH Convention in North Charleston jointly with the LAOH. Special Guests were Bishop Robert E Guglielmone, National AOH President Seamus Boyle and National LAOH President Margaret Hennessey. The convention was co-hosted by the Msgr. John L Manning Division 1 Charleston County, President James P Nettles Jr and Our Lady of Knock Division, President Cheryl Daniels. Banquet entertainment was provided by Tom Hughes and Irish Singer and the Glor na Daire Academy of Irish Dance.

This was the largest AOH convention ever held in South Carolina with over 170 attendees. South Carolina now has Major Degree Teams in both the AOH and LAOH. National Ritual Chairman Patrick Shannon certified the new Carraig Phadraig Major Degree Team. The team is names for the Rock of Cashel or St. Patrick’s Rock, a historic site in Ireland. Past New York State President John Hennessey reviewed the team. Chairman of the team is Past State President Neil Diamond. Major members are AL Stiles, Jim Kelly, Tim Keneflict, James Nettles Jr., and Martin Fosberry. Team members come from Msgr. John L Manning Division, Brian Boru Division, John Mc Garry Division, and the Bishop Patrick Lynch Division. 49 men received their Major Degree at the convention, bringing the state total to 170 out of the 500 AOH members in the state.

New state officers are James P Nettles, Jr, James Kelly, Mason Luther and Dave Carlson. Nettles has served as President of the Msgr. John L Manning Division and Secretary, and Vice President of the South Carolina State Board. He is also a Past State Deputy and Former master of the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus.

Richard F. O’Brien of the Harp & Shamrock Division in Greenville was recognized as the state “Hibernian of the Year.” Dick has been very active in his Division and the state. He just completed four years as South Carolina State Treasurer and served as Treasurer of the Southern Hospitality room at the last two National Conventions. The Gold Shamrock award was presented to Dave Carlson (Joseph McGarry Division) for his work at the “Shrine of Our Lady of Hope” or the Shrine of South Carolina and to Carl Swanson (Harp & Shamrock Division) for his outstanding fund raising efforts. Outgoing State President and new National Director Leonard Byrne was inducted into the “Order of the Shillelagh”

Bishop Robert Guglielmone and Division Presidents at check presentation for Msgr Roth Seminarian fund. Charleston President James Nettles, State President Len Byrne, Horry President, Mason Luther, Greenville President Joe Deehan, Richland President President Jim Lawracy, Bishop Robert Guglielmone, Beaufort President Richard Kearns, Berkeley president Neil Diamond, York President Don Buchanan and Spartanburg President Jordan Liflander.

Outgoing President Len Byrne & Incoming President James Nettles

South Carolina "Hibernian of the Year" Richard F O'Brien

New South Carolina State President James P Nettles, Jr.

National Director Len Byrne installing James Nettles as President