Vice President’s Message

HEY, THOSE CHRISTMAS CARDS LOOKED GREAT!! And so many of you used the Hibernian address labels we mailed you as a token of our appreciation for your continued and anticipated support for the AOH National Board’s charitable giving in your name. We need every Hibernian’s participation in order for that effort to remain a success. Continue to show your pride in being a Hibernian by displaying our AOH logo on your mail.

  • Please forward a check for your labels along with the “Tear-Off/Return” section.
  • Check must be made payable to: AOH National Board.
  • Mail to: Ancient Order of Hibernians, P.O. Box 71, Blue Point, N.Y. 11715

UPCOMING MAJOR DEGREES: I am providing below the details, presently available for upcoming Major Degrees. In addition, it is anticipated that some State Convention Planning Committees will soon be in contact with our teams to arrange for Major Degrees at their conventions.


02-05-11    Cuchulainn     Staten Island, NY      Jack King         718-948-2555

04-03-11    Tara Court      Nassau County, NY  Jack Ryan        516-795-3813

04-03-11    Isle of Erin     Pennsylvania            Jim Murphy     610-265-7393

04-10-10    Columkill       Yonkers, NY           John O’Keefe  908-705-1606

06-05-11    Tara Court      Newport, RI             Rick O’Neill                     

NEW DIVISION PRESIDENTS/OFFICERS: First of all, congratulations and thank you! Your offer to be an AOH officer is appreciated both at the local level and throughout the AOH. With that in mind, I would like to offer some ideas we all might reflect on.

  • Genuine authority is service, and it often involves personal sacrifice.
  • Yes, you have been called by your Brothers to lead, but you are still part of a team.
  • No individual should be making all the decisions.
  • No individual has a monopoly on good ideas.
  • Count on your Brothers for support. We are on your side and at your side.
  • Keep in mind that the AOH is a national organization, so that requires that you participate beyond your division in county, state, and national activities and programs.
  • Seek to harness the strength, generosity, and talents of your Brothers so they are enriched by serving the hungry, the poor, the homeless, the sick, and those with special needs. In this way our “Christian Charity” is dynamic, practical, and transforming for all involved.
  • Good luck!!!