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Here in our Nation’s Capital, summer is upon us.  In DC it really is true, if you don’t like the weather wait an hour.  I sit down now to what could be my last digest article, at least for a while as I will be leaving office in the Fall.  So much has occurred since my last article.

The DC State Convention will be held September 10, 2011, at the K of C Hall in Bowie, MD.  The State LAOH has been invited to join us in installing their new officers along with ours at the banquet which will follow an afternoon Mass at Sacred Heart Church in Bowie.  All proceeds generated from the convention will be donated to the Commodore Barry Project.

Great things are happening with the Commodore John Barry Memorial Project.  Thanks especially to the work of Brothers Jack O’Brien and John McInerney and the DC State Board, the Commodore John Barry Memorial will now be brought to fruition. The project is fully approved by the United States Naval Academy and Ball boards concerned, but needs funding entirely from outside sources for sustenance and maintenance.  To enable this, Hibernian Charity is the fundraising arm of the AOH.  Hibernian Charity is collecting all donations for the John Barry Memorial Project and will pay for all the construction expenses.  All donations are fully tax deductible since it is a 501(c)3.  Brothers, It is up to us to make this memorial to a great Irish American Patriot a reality.  Div 3 Monsignor Thomas Wells has already donated $300 specifically to the “Barry Gate” as part of the project.  Div 2 Charles Carrolton has also donated $500 to this charity and has issued a challenge to all divisions nationwide to match.  (We’ll be keeping track!!!)

Speaking about divisions, our newest, Div. 4 Sons of Aidan, based at the Catholic University of America have donated many man-hours to St. Jerome School’s social/fundraiser in addition to donating beverages.  The event raised more than $1,500 for the school.  Father James Stack, Pastor, was most appreciative of their work and dedication.  Div 4 plans on holding poker tournaments and other fundraisers to help Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Washington.  This is very important to our great order as it is the duty of every Catholic to promote Catholic education in America.

Div 2 is also sponsoring a Seminarian from their division who is currently assigned to ministry at a local parish in Ireland this summer.  Mr. Christopher Seith will be in the “other” Holy Land for his summer break from the North American College in Rome.  Also keeping up their work in Hibernia, Div 2 donated funds to the Sister Servants of the Lord (the Blue Nuns) who are operating a school in County Wexford.  These American Sisters continue their charism of evangelization by living the Gospel and teaching in Ireland.  The DC State Board also donated $1,500 to the Sisters to erect a statue of St. Joseph at their Novitiate house outside of Washington, DC.

Div 5 John F. Kennedy had two of their sponsored seminarians ordained this June.  Father Michael Paris of DC and Father Michael Roche of Pittsburgh were supported over the past years with donations to offset the many costs associated with their education.  We are very proud of them and pray for their ministries.

I want to thank all the Hibernians, local and nationwide who helped make these past two years most enjoyable and successful.  They really have flown by.  I am sure I will see you all in various other duties as the Good Lord will call and assign me.  I would be remiss if I did not give special thanks to our National Director and Editor, Keith Carney.  Keith does so much that is unseen and unsung for our great organization.  I also want to thank Past Presidents, Brothers John McInerney and George Rogers, for their help, guidance and support.  I Hope to see everyone at the next National Convention in upstate New York.  God Bless you all.

DC Division Celebrates Ordination of 2 Members


Two members of the DC John F. Kennedy Div 5 were ordained priests in June.  Both priests joined the AOH in 2010.

Father Michael S. Paris was ordained a priest by Cardinal Wuerl for the Archdiocese of Washington.  The ordination was at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on June 18th.

Eight years ago as part of Project St. Patrick, the John F. Kennedy Div “adopted” Michael Paris and financially helped him at least twice a year.  “He became a part of our division’s life,” said division president John E. McInerney, “and we encouraged and prayed for him.”  He attended our social events and got to know the Hibernians well.  He studied Theology at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmetsburg, MD.  LAOH and AOH division members attended the ordination and first Mass and received his priestly blessing.  As a special gift to Father Paris, the division presented him with a set of green Mass vestments.

Father Michael J. Roche was ordained June 26th Bishop David Zubik at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Pittsburgh, PA.  He studied at Catholic University’s Theological College, and will be serving as a priest for the Pittsburgh Diocese.  President McInerney is a friend Father Roche.  McInerney’s brother Jim was his Godfather in baptism.  The division was represented at his ordination and first Mass.  Before he returned to Pittsburgh, the division raised funds to help with his chalice.