Kevin Barry Division # 3 in Indianapolis, Indiana, offered congratulations to AOH President Jim McGinley and Mass Chair Dan Shea for a job well done! They coordinated our Nov. 2nd Mass for deceased 2014 AOH members at St. Philip Neri Church. The Mass had a large AOH representation with Eucharistic ministers, lectors and ushers administered by the membership. Special thanks went to Fr. Chris Wadelton for a beautiful service and AOH member Charlie Withem for his efforts as a lector. Bagpipes and drums led all from church after the service.

Deceased members in 2014 were Arnold Dowdy, Rev. Larry P. Crawford, 74; Rev. Thomas J. Murphy, 82; Michael Richard “Dick” Coffey, Sr., 88; Michael Murphy, Jerome “Jerry” T. Cahill, 80; John A. Hayes, 72; Rev. James H. Rogers, 100; and Joseph G. Hegarty, 94.

A reception followed at the Tin Comet Coffee House, owned by AOH member Matt Davis. We had a packed house!


Dan Shea, left, Father Christopher Wadelton, Joe and Eamon Hegarty.

Dan Shea, left, Father Christopher Wadelton, Joe and Eamon Hegarty.

100th Birthday Celebration

Father James Rogers celebrated his 100th birthday on August 25th. He retired from the Evansville Diocese in 1979, but stayed very busy assisting many parishes in Indianapolis where he resided. He currently resides at St. Paul Hermitage in Beech Grove, Indiana where he delights staff and residents by giving them Blessings. He and his family very much appreciate the many cards and letters he continues to receive from friends and former parishioners.

Indiana News

Kevin Barry Division 3, Indiana and Carmel Quinn

On a magnificent March 11, 2012, Kevin Barry Div 3, Indianapolis, Indiana, began its annual St. Patrick’s Celebration by posing in front of the altar at St. John’s Catholic Church. Mass followed in Indianapolis’ first, biggest and most beautiful Irish church. Shortly before Mass there had been a prayer service and wreath laying at the Celtic cross in the church courtyard. This tradition of a day of celebration on the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day has been conducted by Kevin Barry Division for over 50 years.

After Mass we held our annual parade through downtown Indianapolis, with carriages and the full Cathedral High School band. We walked or rode from the church to the Indiana Roof Ballroom, a premier event space in Indianapolis, where a very nice luncheon followed.

After lunch our AOH president, Jonathan Tobin, presented the AOH President’s Award to F. Patrick Kehoe. Since 1985, Pat has endowed the “Frank Kehoe Memorial Scholarship Award” in memory of his Dad, a beloved Hibernian and former President (1967). Over 40 students have received thousands of dollars to advance their studies and five received scholarships this year.

Next came the highlight of the day with entertainment provided by that legendary performer, Carmel Quinn. She exceeded expectations and was exceptional.

The day concluded with a donation by the membership of $2,450.00 to St Meinrad’s Seminary and the drawing of our annual AOH raffle, where we awarded two tickets to Ireland.

It was a great day!

Jim Lynch

Indiana News

Father Glenn O’Connor with the Rose Window & 24 years of service to AOH.

In early 2009, in the AOH tradition of supporting church development, Kevin Barry Division # 3 proposed the creation and installation of a Rose Window in the new St. Ann’s Church under construction in Indianapolis. Past president Jimmy McGinley gathered information concerning costs, time frame, installation, etc and made the initial proposal to the membership. An expenditure/donation of this size would require two positive votes over two months. After much deliberation the first vote passed. Before the second and final vote, another serious discussion was held to again consider the merits of such a sizable donation. The majority of the membership felt that, although our area was in a poor economic situation and people were/are in need, this was a worthy and lasting gift. It was stated that, “this is what the Hibernians are about”. It was also noted that our Division had the funds to provide for this donation and also help those in need. The second vote passed easily and the amount required for the window was donated to St. Ann’s Church. On a very pleasant side note and of equal importance, this was also a way for AOH to say “thank you” to Father Glenn O’Connor, pastor of St. Ann’s Church, for his 24 years of service as our Kevin Barry Division chaplain. On Oct. 7, 2009, the completed Rose Window was installed in the new St. Ann’s Church. Father Glenn was much appreciative of our AOH gift and invited all to come and see this beautiful addition to the church.

Kevin Barry AOH Division # 3

Several members attended the AOH National Convention in Cincinnati. Of particular interest was the July 9th ceremony to administer AOH major 2nd and 3rd Degrees performed by the Dayton, Ohio team. Once again the team did an outstanding job in an educational and inspiring ceremony. The remainder of the convention was interesting and informative. Members took advantage of the various hospitality rooms and found it most enjoyable to meet members from other states and compare notes.

The Indy Irish Festival was held in September in Military Park, in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The 15th annual Indy Irish Festival has become one of the Midwest’s premiere celebrations of Irish heritage, with traditional music, dance, cultural activities and family fun! The membership was reminded that once again the division needs help in working our AOH tent. Volunteer coordinators are Mark Steinmetz and Brian Gallagher.  In unison with the Irish Fest and as an encouragement with our special emphasis on new membership, an AOH application was placed in the Sept. Newsletter.

At the June meeting Jonathan Tobin, AOH member and representing the Indy Hurling Club, made his annual request for AOH sponsorship for the “Hibernian Hurling Invitational”. He gave a full account of how our support benefitted the team and how the funding will be spent.  AOH would be in charge of and receive the profits from all concessions at the event.  Indy Hurling team has 70 active players and would compete with three other Midwestern teams. The tournament would be July 31st, at Habig Fields, Westfield, IN. The membership voted unanimously to sponsor the event. After the tournament, Tom McAndrews (AOH), who ran the concessions, stated that the division made a small profit. However, and most important, the tournament had great games with big crowds and constant action in a great Irish sport.

Indiana News

The 15th annual Indy Irish Fest was held Sept. 17 to 19th in Military Park in downtown Indianapolis. Each year the Indy Irish Fest Committee awards scholarships of up to $1,000 each to preserve, promote and nurture Irish culture, arts, music and history. This year there were three participants in the awards ceremony with ties to AOH Kevin Barry Division #3 of Indiana. Eamon Hegarty, son of AOH President John Hegarty and past LAOH President and co-founder Patty Hegarty, received the Indy Irish Fest Cultural Scholarship for Irish Music and will attend bagpipe camp in North Carolina. John Noone, retired several years ago from the Indianapolis Fire Department as an active fireman at the age of 70, was named 2010 Honorary Chair for the Irish Fest. Terry Sweeney, Chairman of the Indy Irish Fest Committee, presented the awards.

Pictured (L - R) Eamon Hegarty, John Hegarty and Terry Sweeney.