National Treasurer

Dan O’Connell

It has been a busy year in the Treasurer’s office as the national per capita continues to come in. I am happy to say we are ahead of last years pace but sad to say that some divisions are still unpaid and no longer in good standing with the national board. Remember, the national per capita for 2014 was based on your membership as of December 31, 2014 and was due on February 15, 2015. For those of you unpaid this is unacceptable and it is up to you to rectify the situation. Divisions not in good standing are not permitted to participate in County or State Conventions.

The progress with the National Office computer system continues and we see improvements each week as we move forward. In October you can expect your division membership report to include a cover sheet that list the number of Regular Member, Clergy Member, National Life Member and Military member totals on the cover sheet and your grand total membership as of the day the report is printed. If there are no changes by your Financial Secretary or President by December 31, 2015 you per capita will equal the number of Regular Members times $12.00. If it does change it will the changed number for Regular Members as of December 31, 2015. This payment will be due by February 15, 2016.

I had the opportunity to attend the New York State Board meeting in early May. President Burke and many members of the New York State board have been extremely helpful in the computer updates and this is greatly appreciated.  I also had the opportunity to visit with past national president, Secretary Emeritus Tom McNabb. Tom developed our system and process in the national office and in fact he initiated our first computer system as well. As you know Tom proposed the current computer update when he was still serving the national board as secretary. Each opportunity to meet with Brother McNabb is a learning opportunity for me.


Hibernian Charities

I had the honor of being selected by National President Moore and the National Board to replace a seat on the Hibernian Charity Board. As of today I have only been involved with one meeting as a board member but can say I am excited about the opportunity. I think what is most important for every Hibernian to know and remember is that Hibernian Charity is a 501 C 3 and all personal and business donations are tax deductible. Remember this when it is time to make you personal and business donations regardless what time of the year it is. Talk to your tax accountant to see if additional tax-deductible donations help your tax situation.

Donations to Hibernian Charities can be unrestricted or can be directed to one of our great annual Hibernian projects.  These include Project St. Patrick vocation scholarship, Hibernian Hunger, Irish Way scholarship fund, Irish History Day and more. Contact the various chairman of any Hibernian project to see how you can help today.



The saga with the IRS continues as of today. We are making progress however it has been a daunting and exhausting task. I have faith in our new Tax Accountants and believe we are getting close.  The minute we have resolution you will be notified via every avenue we have. Notification will only be delayed by a short celebration and a review with our accountants. This issue dates back to 1990 and when it is resolved we will be good for years to come. As always, thank you for your patients, I know mine has worn thin. In closing, remember you can contact me any time with any questions. If I can’t answer them I can get you to someone who can. Enjoy the summer and Recruit a new Hibernian today!

Report of the National Treasurer

Report of the National Treasurer

I wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year. It is hard to believe we will soon be well into 2015. With the New Year comes many challenges. I would like to issue a challenge to each division to pay their 2014 dues on time. As always your per capita for the previous year is due by February 15 every year. That being said your 2014 dues based on your membership numbers on December 31, 2104 is due right around the corner.

The success of the National Board depends on you as well as each and every Hibernian. As we prepare for the upcoming year there are items we need from each division in a timely fashion and procedures we need each division should follow to help guarantee our success. Every member should know and understand the processes and be sure your division is in compliance. When each of these procedures are completed they should be include in either the financial secretary or treasurer report (some will be in both) during your next meeting. We would expect the 2014 per capita payments to be reported no later than the first meeting following February 15, 2014. Remember, you paid your per capita during the previous year and you need to question why payment hasn’t been made to the National and State Boards if it in not in the report.



  • Every check you send must have your division name, county, number, state and telephone number on it. If its not printed on the check please write it in legibly.
  • You must encumber your national and state per capita. Place these funds in a restricted status; these funds can only be used to pay your per capita in January of the following year.
  • Pay your 2014 national per capita no later than February 15, 2015.
    1. Membership report, form 11, must be sent along with you per capita check.
    2. A separate check for initiations should be send along with your per capita.
  • Keep your canceled checks. Place a copy of the canceled check with your membership report form 11 and keep them on file.
  • Remember, national per capita collected in 2014 is due by February 15, 2015.


Degree Notifications:

  • Within ten day’s of conferring the Major Degrees, the Degree Team secretary must submit a report to the National Secretary stating the time, place, Membership Number and Name of each member who received the Major Degrees. Only the Degree Team Secretary can verify that you have receive your degrees.


AOH forms:

  • Currently all forms include telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Please try to include these in everything you send forward. This will allow us to improve communications nationally
  • Official forms including fillable PDF’s can be found on: WWW.AOH.COM
    1. Most will allow you to type directly into the form and print it out.
    2. Completed form 11’s will need to be included with your check.
    3. You will still receive paper forms in your membership card packets.
    4. All forms must be typed or printed neatly to assure all information is legible.





Questions can be directed to AOH National Secretary Jere Cole or AOH National Treasurer Danny O’Connell. Thank you,

National Treasurer

National Treasurer Dan O’Connell

It has been an exciting time for the National Board as we have moved the office and initiated a computer upgrade. The success we have seen can be credited to the hard work of National Secretary Jere Cole and National Secretary Emeritus Tom McNabb. Together, they put fourth a plan that will help us succeed in our transition goals. As the keeper of the bank accounts, I am happy to report the total cost of the office move was $3,283.33; this was significantly below my estimates. Thank you, Judge McKay, Jere Cole and Jesse Wilson for your backbreaking efforts and also President Fallen and the member volunteers from Division 9, Essex County in New Jersey.


UPDATE YOUR ROSTERS – Required to Receive 2015 Membership Cards! 

Secretary Cole will be sending each division your current roster (you should have it now). Every division must make any necessary updates and return to the National office in order to receive your 2015 membership cards. New this year, the roster will include the list of officers as we have it and your total membership numbers include you per capita charges for the year to date. It is critical for you to update your roster because the 2014 per capita is based on your roster as of December 31, 2014.


Moving forward divisions will be able to receive this via e-mail in an excel format.

OFFICER REPORTS – FORM 9 – Update today, includes e-mail and telephone number!


We know many divisions have elections coming up. The national computer updates allows us to track e-mail and telephone numbers for all your officers. Remember it is critical to update your forms immediately following your election. We also ask for an update anytime you have a change of officers for other reasons.


As mentioned above, your financial secretary has received a listing of what we have as your officers. If our list in not up to date, we ask that you send an update immediately.


New form 9’s will be available for County and State Boards shortly. These will be used to help distinguish between the various boards.



Throughout the year we will send you updated member cards when changes are sent in via a form 40. Only Financial Secretaries and Presidents can make this change. This will happen through October 1st when we begin our major updates annually. Changes in membership reported October through December will be reflected on the 2015 Cards. We will still provide cards for new members.



Remember, the national per capita you paid in 2014 is due to the National by February 15, 2015. This is base on your division membership as of December 31, 2014. Your division Financial Secretary and President are the only people who can make adjustments to your division roster. Please be sure your division is up to date.



ONLY THE DEGREE TEAM SECRETARY CAN VALIDATE YOUR DEGREE AND ONLY THE DEGREE TEAM SECRETARY CAN SEND THIS INTO THE NATIONAL SECRETARY. This is why it is so important to assure that every member making his degrees is a valid member with a valid AOH membership number. Please be sure to cooperate with the degree team in order to assure success.



  • Complete a transfer card obtained by your current division. The division officer signatures required (President and Financial Secretary) validate you are a member in good standing, all division commitments have been met and your dues are up to date.
  • If there is a County Board, two county signatures are required as well. (President and Secretary) This also validates you a member in good standing, all division and county commitments have been met, and your dues are up to date.
  • Your current division Financial Secretary must submit the transfer card to the division you are applying to. Additionally, admission depends on a majority vote on new applicant for acceptance by the new Division; otherwise membership reverts to the original division.
  • If accepted into the new division, the Financial Secretary (or President) submits a new complete form 40 marked transfer along with a copy of the valid transfer card to the National Secretary.
  • The National Secretary issues new card for new division and membership in the old division is deleted.


As the Christmas season is now upon us I would like to take a minute to wish each of you and your families a Blessed Christmas Season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Secretary Tom McNabb and Treasurer Danny O’Connell

Brothers, we have seen great improvement in the reporting of membership and per capita from our divisions around the country. Recent changes in the IRS policies make it critical for your Form 11’s and per capita to arrive on time. Without this form and per capita payment by February 15, 2014 your division may not be included in the non-profit recognition form filed with the IRS.


Together we have worked on updating the forms used for reporting so we can provide the IRS with critical information. It is necessary for your to use the forms provided and include 1) your local EIN number 2) complete contact information for your president and financial secretary including name, address, telephone number and e-mail. If the president or financial secretary do not have an e-mail they should use one from a division officer who can forward hard copies to you. This information will be included on our IRS report.


Financial Secretaries:

1)     Every division received a list of members for update, removal and correction including name, address, membership number, and degrees. This list should have been updated and returned by October 22th.

  1. This is a critical deadline for membership card corrections.
  2. Members, it is your responsibility to report any corrections to your division financial secretary.

2)     Membership corrections submitted are made by the National Secretary’s office

3)     2014 membership cards (based on your divisions corrections) are sent to all divisions current on their dues in late November.

4)     2013 per capita is due to the National Board no later than February 15, 2014.

  1. a.      Division’s late paying dues are not in good standing. Additionally, divisions not filing their Form 11’s with Per Capita on time can not be included in the IRS Blanket Exemption for nonprofit recognition.
  2. Only Divisions in good standing may participate in National, State, and county conventions.
  3. Delegates for all conventions are based on the number of members in good standing as reported and paid by each division for the previous year.

i.      2014 delegates are based on your paid members as of December 31, 2013.

5)     Certificate of Election form 9 must be sent to the National Office within 15 days of the election. This should be the first order of business of a newly elected board.

  1. This form should also be used to report any change of officers created by a vacancy within 15 days.

6)     Membership report, form 11, must be sent to the national office no later than February 15, 2014. This form should include a check for 2013 per capita and a separate check for 2013 initiations.


1)    Every check you send must have your division name, county, number, state and telephone number on it. If its not printed on the check please write it in legibly.

2)     You must encumber your national and state per capita. Place these funds in a restricted status; these funds can only be used to pay you per capita in January of the following year.

3)     Pay your national per capita no later than February 15, 2014.

  1. Membership report, form 11, must be sent along with you per capita check.
  2. A separate check for initiations should be send along with your per capita.

4)     Keep your canceled checks. Place a copy of the canceled check with your membership report form 11.

5)     Remember, national per capita collected in 2013 is due by February 15, 2014.

Degree Notifications:

1)     Within ten day’s of conferring the Major Degrees, the Degree Team secretary must submit a report to the National Secretary stating the time, place, Membership Number and Name of each member who received the Major Degrees.


Questions can be directed to AOH National Secretary Tom McNabb or AOH National Treasurer Danny O’Connell. Thank you,

National Secretary Thomas McNabb and Treasurer Dan O’Connell

Our articles over the last year have been designed to provide information on the various processes Secretaries and Treasurers follow in order to keep you division up to date. We have seen improvement in how forms are completed as well as divisions meeting deadlines. As we all know, there is always room for improvement. That being said, we will continue to cover our procedures on a regular basis.

Is your membership information correct on you travel card? Please take your travel card out today and review your information. If any information on your card is incorrect, get the corrections to your division Financial Secretary immediately.  Each Financial Secretary will receive a print out of your entire division membership during the month of September. We will ask him to make all necessary changes and return the print out. These changes will be made prior to printing out your 2014 membership card. This procedure has been in place for several years however many divisions do not take advantage of it. Please take the time to discuss this at your meetings and be sure your Financial Secretary sends all corrections in.

If you made your major degrees and they are not marked on your card (or the list we send to your Financial Secretary) please contact the degree team.  The secretary of the degree team is the only one who can verify your degrees and have it added to your card. Normally this is sent in to the national office within ten days of the degrees.

Electronic Backup. We recently spent several days working together in the National Office to implement improved backup procedures for all our current forms and documents. We have moved to a system that keeps our current files on hand in the office and on disc in each of our homes. It is good to keep a backup of your division information in another location as well. Although we pray no one goes through a Katrina or Sandy type of disaster again it makes everyone realize how important off site backup for your documents is. On a side note, it is probably a good idea to have your personal documents backed up and stored somewhere outside you home. With our new system, each current Form 9 and Form 11 will be backed up electronically when it is received.

Per Capita. Although the majority of the 2012 per capita came in by February there were too many divisions paying late again this year.  Please remind your officers that if your Per Capita isn’t paid on time to both  national and state your division is not in good standing. In turn, your personal membership is not in good standing. This issue will prevent you from participation in County, State and National conventions as well. We have seen members upset at several conventions when they realized they could not vote. Although we understand brothers upset when they can’t vote at a convention they must understand it is your divisions responsibility to pay your per capita on time. It is not the responsibility of the convention credential committee, the state secretary or the national secretary to pay your division per capita. It is the responsibility of the division financial secretary to send division per capita in each year by February 15.  Remember, it’s the previous year per capita that is being paid. (2012 dues collected by divisions = per capita paid to national and state between January 1 and February 15, 2013)

As the convention season winds down, we hope you took advantage of the many quality programs put on by states around the country. It has been especially rewarding to observe the many major degrees ceremonies. If you did not have an opportunity to make your major degrees yet we remind you that the 2014 convention in St. Louis will provide a great opportunity to do so.

Thank you to the State Secretaries and Treasures who covered AOH forms, policies and procedures during their state conventions. The opportunity for membership education on the forms, polies and procedures of the order should be seized whenever available. As always, questions from Secretaries and Treasurers can be directed to AOH National Secretary Tom McNabb or AOH National Treasurer Danny O’Connell respectively. Thank you,

Secretary Tom McNabb and Treasurer Danny O’Connell

Happy New Year to you and your families! The first few months of any year are a very busy time for division officers. By the time you read this your financial secretary and treasurer should have: sent in your division 2012 per capita; sent in your division form 40 detailing your membership; and sent in an updated form 9 detailing your elected officers. The form 9 should also be updated anytime there is a change in your division officers for any reason. Please be sure to verify at your next division meeting that these tasks have been completed by February 15, 2013. We understand these tasks coincide with the preparation for your St. Patrick’s Day events however these tasks are necessary to keep your division in “Good Standing”.


The removal of any member from your division should not be taken lightly. Our goal is to only remove members who are now deceased. We understand that some members get behind in their dues and the simple solution (although wrong) is to remove them from your division. The proper solution requires some hard work and in fact more work than you can do alone.  We are asking that you involve all your officers to help make personal contact with each delinquent member and re-recruit if necessary to keep everyone in your division in good standing. Before dropping any member you should discuss it with your officers and assign someone to make the personal contact. Membership retention is one of the most important things you can do for your division. We are suggesting the following process:

1)     Send out renewal notices in a timely fashion. This would be late December or early January. Notices should go out no later than January 15th annually. Recommend that dues be paid by check and be sure to provide receipts if someone pays cash.

2)     Send out a second notice no later than March 10th for those who have not paid. Remind them St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and their dues payment makes them a member in “Good Standing” of the largest Irish Catholic organization in the United States.

3)     By April 15th present a list of unpaid members to your officers and obtain their assistance. This is when the telephone calls and personal visits should be made. Get your offices involved because membership retention assures success for your division.

4)     Once all efforts of your officers have been exhausted go to your membership during a meeting and recruit their assistance. Ask them to help you get your brother back on track.

5)     Only give membership cards out to paid members.

Dropping a member from your roles cannot be taken lightly. When you send in a termination form you must be confident that you took every step to prevent this.


Now is the time when you will be depositing membership dues. Your recordkeeping is critical to your success and must balance with your financial secretaries. We are suggesting the following processes for handling membership dues:

1)     Collect all dues from your Financial Secretary as soon as possible. This time of year it would be good to meet weekly with him to get everything you need to deposit.

2)     Deposit all checks in a timely manner. Your goal should be within a week of receipt of the check and should never be more than 15 days.

3)     Properly document all payments. Remind your members that checks are preferred and be sure a receipt is provided anytime someone pays with cash.

4)     When you make your deposit, Encumber your national and state per capita in restricted accounts immediately. The 2013 per capita will be paid to the national and state boards at the beginning of 2014 no later than February 15th. Remember, your per capita payment is required for your division to be in good standing.

We have both been quite busy of the last six months. We are happy to report that our offices have formed a strong bond and a commitment to keep everything moving forward in a timely manner. We have been busy working with President Moore and Vice President McKay on the 2014 and 2016 convention sites. We have taken the opportunity to carve out time during the convention meetings to work specifically on the duties and workflow of our offices. We spent time together at the National Office in Auburn NY giving Brother O’Connell a first hand look at our daily operation. These meetings combined with a minimum of one telephone call a week have us working together and moving forward. We are looking forward to working with each of you during the upcoming year. As always, questions from Secretaries and Treasurers can be directed to AOH National Secretary Tom McNabb or AOH National Treasurer Danny O’Connell respectively. Thank you,


Treasurer’s Report

Brothers, this is the last article for the Hibernian Digest that I will be submitting as your treasurer.  Some days it seems like just yesterday that I started this job and other days it seems like 10 years.

The Order is in better financial shape than it has ever been. This has a great deal to do with the per capita increase that we secured in New Orleans four years ago as well as reorganizing our stock portfolio, which now seems to be on a firm financial and conservative base.

We are still suffering through the new IRS regulations requiring each Division to have a current EIN tax exempt number allowing them to file their 990 forms on a yearly basis. Many of our Divisions are in compliance, however some are not. This is a very frustrating experience for many of the Division’s financial secretaries. I have attempted to preach patience and tenacity dealing with the IRS and I know slowly but surely all the divisions of our order will be in compliance. We continue to be, as we have in the past 15 years, in good standing with the IRS and have diligently filed our tax returns in a timely manner.

I have been fortunate to be associated with one of our Order’s most historic projects in recent times, the erection of the Commodore Barry gate in Annapolis, Maryland. It is still an ongoing project and I think by the time you read this article we will have attained or be close to attaining our monetary goal. This is the type of brick-and-mortar endeavor of our Noble Order that will stand the test of time. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be able to read in stone what their Hibernian grandfathers and great grandfathers did on behalf of a great Irishman, John Barry, father of the American Navy.

Hope to see many of you at our National Convention in Turning Stone, New York.

God Bless,

Jim McKay

Treasurer’s Report

By the time you read this, the leaves will be changing up North and the weather cooling off down South.  There are other changes that are beginning to occur and they don’t involve the weather.  On January 1st our 2012 per capita dues will be due for payment.  Our dues will change from $8 to $12 this year. The $4 increase was necessary to cover the rising expenses that have occurred over the last 20 years, the last time a dues increase took place.   We hope to keep reminding all financial secretaries during the year of this increase.  Our National Secretary Brother Tom McNabb is planning other reminders during the year in order to facilitate this move.  Hopefully, it will be another 20 years before another increase will be required.

I am in the process of gathering together the required reports at the request of our CPA’s and in order to file our 2010-2011 tax returns, which are due November 15, 2011.  I don’t anticipate any problems.

The National Board met in Philadelphia this past month in conjunction with our National President’s dinner.  It was a very successful meeting wherein I thought we accomplished a great deal.  One of the most important recent projects has been the Commodore John Barry Gate at the Naval Academy at Annapolis.  This is one of the few National AOH “brick and mortar” projects that we have been involved in at such a prestigious location.  The Gate is at one of the entrances to the Naval Academy.  The fundraising for this event is progressing as anticipated and we are looking for all divisions in our noble order to participate in this endeavor.

Hope that you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving holiday.

God Bless.

Treasurer’s Report

It hardly seems possible that we are only weeks away from our National President’s Dinner in Philadelphia. It is also hard to believe that my tenure as National Treasurer will be winding down in six or seven months. How time flies!

Before you know it, we will all be looking at a changing of the guard in Turning Stone.

We have been through some difficult economic times since 2008 and are in the middle of one even as you read this. In spite of the challenges, we have managed to maintain our savings intact. Through the advice of counsel, our oversight committee and brothers involved the financial industry, we reverted to a cash position last year. At this time it has been good advice as “cash is king.”

The IRS problem continues to be a headache for many of our divisions, and has especially become a frustrating experience for some of our financial secretaries across this country. However, those divisions who continue to attempt to file are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We are discovering that since 2007, when the new IRS regulations came into existence, it has been a learning curve for both the Service and ourselves in regard to non-profit organizations.

All financial secretaries must also remember that our per capita tax increase begins on Jan 1, 2012 when each member will be assessed $12 instead of $8 for National dues. This will allow our organization to breathe a little easier at the end of each year when our cash flow is at its lowest. This dues increase occurred in Cincinnati in 2010 but was not to take effect until Jan 1, 2012. The last dues increase was 25 years ago and you can understand why National Treasurers were getting nervous every year in December

Please remember that divisions who have not paid their per capita tax will not be allowed to register for our National Convention in Turning Stone. You will hear more about this in the next few issues of the Digest.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the President’s Dinner in Philadelphia.

Treasurer’s Report

All Hibernian eyes should have been turned to New York City this past month as we celebrated our 175th Anniversary.  A great time was had by all.  The weekend was filled with many special and solemn moments.  Our parade down Mulberry Street was memorable as was the Mass at old St. Patrick’s Basilica.  The Mass the following morning at the historic St. Peter’s church in the financial district was very moving, especially the wreath laying ceremony after the Mass at the cross outside the church at the site of the 9-11 carnage.  I hope to be back for our 200th Anniversary, God willing and the creek don’t rise, but that is in His hands.

We are still having difficulty with the IRS and our smaller AOH Divisions being recognized first as a National AOH subordinates and second as a tax exempt entities.  Remember the National AOH does not “group file” so each Division is responsible to first obtain its valid EIN number and second, become recognized as a National AOH subordinate.  After obtaining a valid EIN number, one validated by the IRS, then the process should become easier.  Many of the financial secretaries are concerned about tax exempt status.  Remember that has very little to do with small Divisions which are under the $25K threshold.

Once you have obtained a valid EIN number and are recognized as a National AOH subordinate then our tax exempt status should follow to your Division.  I also caution our Brothers not to react to what someone told you or what some person has e-mailed you, we have competent CPA’s who have prepared our taxes for the past eight years and I can assure you that we are in good standing with the IRS.  We are coordinating with our accountants and our legal counsel to make a form letter/inquiry to the IRS that we suggest all divisions use to validate their current EIN numbers.  Many of the problems which are occurring are because for whatever reason the division did not have proper numbers and therefore are not recognized by the IRS.  The reason you are hearing about these problems today and not in the past years is because the IRS is attempting to enforce the regulations which changed several years ago.  As this form letter is developed we will send it to all of our Divisions who are still having problems with the IRS.