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Members of AOH Bronx County and Woodlawn Division 5 joined County President Bob Nolan, Dan Dennehy and Div 5 President Galvin at a recent event to invite qualified members of the community to join the AOH!

Director Denny Donnelly

Denny Donnelly, Director/Organizer

Director Donnelly

In my last article I requested information on Junior Divisions. In 2002 Sean MacBride Division 32 (Allegheny County – PA) initiated a Junior Division at Bishop Canevin High School. After Division Member Steve Wayhart met with the Principal of Canevin, explaining the work of the AOH, he then addressed a school assembly. As a result of his efforts, 28 boys signed up to form this Junior Division. Another Division member, Jim O’Connell, was a teacher at Bishop Canevin and he offered his help as moderator. Jim guided the boys through the process of electing officers, and the Allegheny County officers swore them in as members of the Junior AOH.

Over the years there have been fundraisers, and a lot of volunteer activities. The young men have volunteered at the Men’s Division 32 Fish Fry during Lent and the Annual Golf Outing. They have made award-winning floats for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh. As a group they have ascended the “Scala Sancta”….on their knees (Holy Steps at St. Patrick’s in Pittsburgh), and attended the Pittsburgh Irish Classical Theatre productions. Every year there is a trip to either Gettysburg or Antietam, following the trail of the Irish Brigade.

The numbers have fluctuated over the years. They are currently at 53 members.

One of the goals of a Junior Division is for the young men to learn about Irish culture and history. The National Board has Junior Division handbooks that can get you started in forming a Junior Division. This includes all the necessary forms and instructions. The Junior AOH is a great stepping stone for membership into the AOH.

I will be happy to mail you this handbook. Email me at

Director Denny Donnelly


The Ohio AOH/LAOH Convention was held June 28th and 29th at the Columbus Marriott Northwest in Dublin, Ohio.  Co-chairs Judy Leddy, Division 1 Franklin County and Ron Hagan Division 1 Franklin County did a great job organizing the Convention.  The newly elected officers were sworn in by National Treasurer Danny O’Connell.  The new officers are: President Mike McKenzie, Division 2 Summit County, Vice President Ron Hagan, Division 1 Franklin County, Secretary Bob Harper Division 2 Hamilton County, Treasurer Pete Chrystal Division 1 Medina County, Directors Ed Brannon Division 6 Mahoning County and Denny Parks Division 2 Summit County.

National Vice President Jim McKay attended the Convention and assisted Danny O’Connell with the swearing in of the new officers.  Everything from the opening Mass celebrated by State Chaplain Msgr. John Code, to the final banquet ran smoothly.

Four Hibernian brothers from the Fr. Abram J. Ryan Division 1 Louisville, Kentucky drove 215 miles so that two of of the members (John Dwyer and Bradley Miller) could receive their degrees.  Their Division President Mark Wakefield and Financial Secretary Matthew Huber accompanied them.

The Ohio Brother and Sister Hibernian were very hospitable to my wife and I, and I certainly look forward to attending their next state Board Meeting.  Good luck to all the new officers on the Ohio State Board.



The Pennsylvania AOH/LAOH Convention was held July 18 – 20th at the Doubletree Hilton in Greentree, just outside of Pittsburgh.  Another great example of brother and sister Hibernians working together as co-chairs Maureen DeLong Division 11 Allegheny County and Jim Green  Division 1 Allegheny County did a fantastic job running the convention.  National Presidents Maureen Shelton and Brendan Moore attended this convention.  National Treasurer Danny O’Connell swore in the officers and was assisted by National Directors Jere Cole and myself.

The new PA AOH State Officers are:  President Dan Devinney Division 23 Allegheny County, Vice President Ed Halligan Division 2 Montgomery County, Secretary Tim Carley, Division 1 Dauphin County, Treasurer Denny Gaw, Division 2 Montgomery County.  The Directors are  Bob Haley, Division 22 Philadelphia County, Joe Hosie, Division 2 Lackawanna County, Tom Robison, Division 1 Dauphin County, Dick Murtha, Division 1 Cambria County, Kevin O’Donnell, Division 17 Allegheny County, Ted Miller, Division 1 Mercer County and Ed Barry, Division 1 Lehigh County.

Fr. Tom O’Donnell was the celebrant for the opening and closing masses.  Fr. Jeremiah O’Shea con-celebrated the opening Mass.  Our thanks to both.

A highlight of the joint session of this Convention was a presentation given by Jim Lamb, President of the Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh and Honorary Consul of Ireland.  Jim stressed the importance of passing on our love of Ireland, its culture, music, and history to our children and grandchildren.  If we don’t teach these next generations – who will.

For the next Digest, I would like to report on our Junior Divisions.  I ask that anyone who is a moderator or has involvement with a Junior Division to please send me information.  This would include locations, how long they have been a division, activities such a fundraisers and/or trips, etc.  My email is




Director Denny Donnelly

For this issue, I would like to feature the Corporal Bernard McCarren Division in Newark, Delaware.  I received this e-mail from Brian J. Phelan, Financial Secretary, New Castle Division 2, Newark, Delaware.

Brother Phelan writes: “At this time of year as we go around making our Christmas donations to the parishes we serve, we meet with the Pastors to set up a schedule for recruiting in the year ahead.  Getting the Pastors and any Associates to join is an important first step.  Typically we recruit at the parishes in March, when Irish Eyes make everyone smile and in September or October.  Our Pastors have told us that Mass attendance drops  off during the summer as families head to the Jersey Shore or Delaware beaches on the weekends.

We start with a Bulletin announcement the weekend before we recruit, and we ask the Pastor to include the AOH recruiting in the announcements at the end of Masses the weekend prior to our arrival.  Since our monthly meetings take place on the 4th Wednesday of each month, we schedule recruiting on the prior Sunday.  That way we can have candidates initiated while their interest in the AOH is still fresh in their minds.  During the recruiting weekend we have Hibernians available before and after all Masses, with Division Business Cards and brochures to hand out,  both of which were provided to us by the National Organizer.  We also ask for two minutes at the end of Mass where our chief recruiter promotes the AOH and asks the Irish in attendance to stop by and say hello on their way out.  We make every effort to get an e-mail address or cell phone number from those men who show an interest and we follow up with them prior to the next meeting.  Our Division also brings along handouts provided by the local LAOH Division, in case any Ladies want information.  We may only come away with 4 or 5 members per recruiting weekend, but in an area where we serve 4 parishes, that’s 16 to 20 new Members per year from these efforts alone.  We’re always open to suggestions.”

As National Organizer I am very impressed by the organizing efforts of Brother Phelan and Division 2 of Newark, Delaware.  I would be interested in the recruiting efforts of other Divisions across the country.   Pictures would also be great.   Contact me at

Director’s Report

My second term of National Director comes to a close in July and I can’t help but to think I should be receiving a graduate degree in Turning Stone this summer. You have given me the opportunity to learn so much about Irish Immigration, Northern Ireland and Ireland politics, Pro Life issues in the United States and Ireland, and so much more on the issues of Irish America. The assistance we have received from our pears on the National Board, our State Presidents and most importantly our AOH Brothers from around the country has been invaluable to the success of the National Board over the last four years. Thank you all for the assistance.

As I prepare for the National Convention I have reviewed several articles on recruiting for fraternal organizations around the country. Our current membership target group, “Generation Y” range in age from 30 to 45.  “Gen Y, sometimes referred to as the Echo Boomers because of their huge numbers (according to the US Census there are three times as many Gen Ys as there are Gen Xers), has a reputation for being extremely peer-oriented due, in part, to its reliance on instant communication technologies and the Internet, including email, IMs, texting and social media components like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.” (from

What does this information tell us about recruiting for the AOH. First, we have a large pool of new potential candidates. These candidates are going to need one-on-one recruitment, and when we land one new candidate from this group we can expect him to bring along his qualified pears.  It is also going to be important to communicate and involve the new recruits outside the conventional formats. For many in Generation Y they have moved beyond telephone voicemail and rely on even more instant communication. The good news is a simple search of Facebook reveals a large number of Division, County and State AOH pages designed to recruit and inform our members. Great Job everyone.

Our continued success as an order is going to depend on you. With the above information in mind we need to work together to recruit as many new members as possible. We need each member to make a commitment to recruit at least one new member this year. They are out there, and you will most likely find them this summer during the festival season.  Have your AOH business cards in hand at all times, make the personal contact, follow up with e-mails and even texts, deliver the new recruit and then Involve the new member. New member involvement is critical to our retention. Remember, your job doesn’t end during the installation of your recruit, your job ends when your new recruit becomes the new recruiter for our order.

On the recruiting front, the on-line application flow has begun to slow down as we move beyond St. Patrick’s Day. We had great follow up from our State Presidents with regard to these. Now we need you to beat the bushes for your next recruit.

Director Keith Carney joins our Brothers in NY, PA , NC and around the country who have created new divisions with the initiation of not one but two new divisions, one in Delaware and one in Maryland. Brother Carney also expects a new college division in Maryland likely prior to the convention. This again demonstrates to me the success of the AOH depends on Team Work and a commitment to recruitment!


In addition to my duties as organizer, I also had the opportunity to represent President Boyle in Washington DC for a State Department round table. I joined FFAI Chair, Sean Pender; Immigration Chair, Dan Dennehy; Director Keith Carney; and 20 other Irish American leaders from around the country. This invitation again demonstrates the role in the AOH in America goes far beyond the confines or our Order.  I’m sure this meeting will be addressed in more detail elsewhere in this digest however I would be remiss not to mention the great work of our brothers in attendance. Sean Pender and the AOH have become the American voice on Northern Ireland and Dan Dennehy found a way to tie immigration into the brief of the state department. Great Job brothers.

In closing, I want to again than everyone for your continued support, work, and success. Without the help of our brothers AOH success on any level would be impossible. We continue to demonstrate every day the TOGEATHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at DJOCONNELL@YSU.EDU or call on 330-518-4450. Thank you and God Bless, Danny O.



National Organizer

Social Networking and Hibernian Divisions

Regardless of computer experience or expertise most people in the U.S. are well aware of Social networking online. This can be a key to continued success and growth of the AOH and I am happy to report several Hibernians are making the most of it today. Please take the time to find someone to bring your division into the electronic age. If you are already in the electronic age, congratulations for leading the way and setting higher standards. Create your division Facebook page and web page to allow communications among your members on many Irish American issues. Visit the Commodore John Barry page to see how our fundraising for the Barry Gate is going, or sign up for the AOH PEC page to receive regular updates from our PEC committee, or visit the 2011 Bloody Sunday Trip to lean about past tours as well as the upcoming FFAI tour in January 2012. Simply search AOH or Ancient Order of Hibernians on Facebook to get great ideas and to meet Hibernians from around the country as well as around the world.

The second most important item when creating a Facebook page and especially a web page is to keep it up to date. Lack of effort on the part of your Facebook administrator or webmaster can create a lack of interest in your site. The nice thing about Facebook is that, once created, all members can post items to keep it going, including numerous photos. Use electronic tools to help notify all the friends of your division about upcoming events and meetings. A Facebook page and web page are great complement to newsletters and call-posts for little or no expense.

Calling All Junior Divisions

As we begin to see a growth in college divisions, I get more and more questions about Junior Divisions. National Vice President Brendan Moore and I have recently updated the forms used in Junior Divisions and we are beginning to compile an accurate contact list of the Junior Divisions. I am asking that each Junior Division send me your contact information, including your parent division and contact for that division. We will be contacting you in turn to help us update the best way to grow and sustain Junior Divisions around the country. Additionally, we want every Junior division to send in articles to the Hibernians Digest sharing with us your success stories.

AOH Division / Sponsor Business Cards

On several occasions I have mentioned the concept of business cards each division can use, having the member place his name, telephone number and email address on the back. Brother Patrick O’Brian, president of St. Patrick Division 4, North Hills, Pittsburgh, has been using just such a card for their division. Their Division Business Card has a four color front with a black & white back that includes a watermark of the logo.

These cards are available from with pricing at $102 for 5,000 and $59 for 1,000 as well as several other combinations. What is great about the St. Patrick Division 4 card is the sponsoring member on the back. If you would like to use this card for you division, go to, login using my email address and the password aohcards. Once you login, go to my portfolio where you will see the business card template. Simply change the text on the front to meet the needs of your division, follow the instructions and place your order.

Please make sure every member carries these cards with them as we all work to recruit one new member each year. Remember, we need you to recruit a new member today and at least one annually for the AOH to remain the largest Irish Catholic organization in the United States. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you or your division: or (330) 518-4450.

In closing, I am happy to report that we will have a recruiting video out to the membership sometime around the first of the year. This will also include a Project St. Patrick video and a FFAI video that we will ask you to show during your division meeting at the appropriate time of the year. If space allows, we will also include the various forms used annually, including the up-to-date application and the four-color brochure. Remember, contact me with you local division information and we can get you a customized electronic brochure. Thank you and God Bless, Danny O


“To be Irish is a Blessing, to be a Hibernian is an Honor.”

This quote is displayed with pride by many Hibernians on clothing, letterhead, newsletters, vehicles and much more, and rightfully so. Today, I stand before you as a Hibernian, blessed and honored.

Early Sunday morning, August 21, I was involved in a one-car accident that the state highway patrol claim I was lucky to survive. When my car slammed into a tree backwards off the interstate at over 60 miles per hour, I wasn’t lucky, I was blessed.

By the grace of God, I survived without even a broken bone. Many have commented that my hard Irish head saved me; I know it was God who placed an angel on my shoulder that day.

In my vehicle with me was my trusted laptop, including my Hibernian Digest article due to be sent later that morning to our new editor, John O’Connell. As I cleared the trauma team I asked my sister to call Seamus and let him know of the delay. When I learned she left a message I then insisted she call Sean Pender to be sure Brother O’Connell knew I would be delayed.

The result of these calls was prayers from my brothers, which without question led to a quick recovery. Special thanks to our new editor who allowed me some extra time to recreate my article.

I am sure we all have felt the blessing of the Irish over the years and understand what an Honor it is to stand with our Hibernian brothers. This is the basic fabric of recruiting new Hibernians from the ranks of the Irish Catholic men from around the country who have not yet received the honor of being a part of the Largest Irish Catholic Organization in the United States of America. In each article since I have become the National Organizer I have asked you to assist in growing our Order by recruiting one new member each and every year. The sales pitch is easy and the discussion should be centered on why the potential member is not a member. We need you to grow our Order and recruit at least one member each and every year.

I enjoyed the honor of attending many state conventions and presenting a recruiting PowerPoint addressing the recruiting process. At each stop I had the opportunity to share ideas, and with each stop we updated the presentation to reflect these new ideas.

I am currently working to place this updated presentation on a video that can then be used at the division level as well. I understand that many of us are unable to attend the convention, however also understand the important role that each and every Hibernian plays in the success of our Order. Once completed, we will place the video online and we will make efforts to get the DVD to each division.

In addition to the recruiting presentation, I am working with Sean Pender to get his FFAI presentation online as well. We recorded both presentations during the Maryland Convention as the first step in the process. I am hoping to find a few students from Youngstown State or a few Hibernian brothers to assist me in this project, since this is a bit beyond my talents. If you have any thoughts on the project or are able to assist, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Again, thank you for the prayers as I know your prayers have expedited my recovery. Remember, recruit a new member today and, as always, contact me if I can be of any assistance to you. God Bless, Danny O  cell 330-518-4450



Brothers, as the summer convention season winds down and our summer festivals are behind us we need to focus on our division’s growth and retention. Please take time today to review your renewals and contact all members who haven’t sent in their dues personally. Retaining our current membership keeps the base of the Order solid. There is no substitute for personal contact so we encourage you to contact everyone not up to date with their dues personally.  It is also important to remember we each need to recruit at least one new member. For those of you who have brought in a new recruit this year please reinforce your new recruit and continue to mentor him throughout his Hibernian life. For those who haven’t brought in a recruit please make the effort to do so before the end of the year.

As we focus on our membership renewals and growth we also have several states working to bring new divisions on board. Maine is in the process of establishing a state board and has a goal to grow two new divisions, one in the west and one north. The energy of the two current divisions is significant and our brothers there are on track to grow their state. Vermont is in the process of creating a new division which will represent a rebirth in the state. Other states expecting new divisions include New Jersey, Michigan, and Florida to name a few.

The convention season has presented us with tremendous opportunity to learn from other divisions. I am sure you made the most of your opportunities and will try to implement some new ideas into your home division. It is important that you build upon your current traditions as well as make changes as needed to keep you activities fresh. Remember, involve as many Hibernian Brothers as possible and your efforts will be rewarded with growth and stability in your division.

I have enjoyed the pleasure of attending several conventions; however, as you know, we can’t be everywhere. Fortunately we have the ability for incredible electronic communications. At each convention I have presented a recruiting power point. I would gladly share this with you if you simply e-mail a request to me Please include your division name, etc. This along with the electronic recruiting brochure and the business card concept are proving to be positive recruiting tools. Please use what works for you and continue to forward me all recruiting items you are having success with. We will work to get these in the hands of all Hibernians.

FACEBOOK is one of the many forms of electronic media becoming part of our promotional and recruiting efforts around the country. It provides a great way to communicate to your division quickly and efficiently whenever needed. Face book, web pages, and call posting are economical effective communication. We are in the process of establishing an Organizing / Recruiting face book page which will be up and running by the time you receive this newspaper. I am asking everyone out there with a web page, face book page, or any other type of electronic media page to contact me with your information. I would also like you to link the national web page, WWW.AOH.Com on your page and include the organizer link when it becomes available.  Additional facebook sites include AOH Political Action Committee, Commodore John Barry Memorial (USNA), 2011 Bloody Sunday trip and many more.

Throughout the summer many state boards may be transiting into a new group of elected officers. Please be sure to send your form 9 immediately so the proper people receive information from the National Board. State Secretaries should have these forms and they can also be found at . Our success comes from communication and knowing the proper contacts from around the country. Follow up and follow through are the most important issues in electronic communication.

In closing I would like to thank all the state presidents for doing a great job in passing information from the National Board to the local divisions. The feedback from your presidents has made our jobs easier. If you are not receiving information from the national board be sure your state president has you on his e-mail list. Thank you, Danny O’Connell 330-518-4450



Director Daniel O’Connell with Vice President Biden on St. Patrick’s Day.

The recent murder of Ronan Kerr, the young Catholic police officer in Omagh hit close to home for many Hibernians who have frequented the Tyrone community over the years including a two night stay in February. Our ties to Omagh grow stronger as we continue to support the youth there including both the basketball team and the Omagh Community Youth Choir (OCYC).  I first came to know the OCYC during their visit to Youngstown in August 2008 which coincided with the tenth anniversary of the Omagh Bombing — the most lethal attack in the history of the troubles in the North of Ireland. When we look at how this community responded to each of these tragedies we see a community that works together without regard for religious or political differences to work toward a peaceful future. The peace march following Ronan’s murder demonstrated the mutual respect they have for each other. This respect will help Ireland get beyond the tragedies and move into the peace they deserve. As Hibernians we should be proud to play a positive role in the cross community projects designed to bring their community together at a young age.

As you know, the Easter season brings the focus to Project St. Patrick. What a better way to honor your chaplain, deceased members, or anyone you wish to memorialize with a scholarship in their name for a young seminarian.  The Hibernian Brothers of Mahoning County, Ohio have decided to dedicate one of our two annual scholarships to Ronan Kerr of Omagh. We will be sending his family a prayer card from PSP and a letter explaining how we are using PSP to honor this young Irish hero. This is just another example of how we can combine our religious and political goals for the good of the order. I recommend that each division attempt to sponsor one Project St. Patrick scholarship each year. There is no better way to honor your chaplain or anyone else who deserves such an honor.

Working together toward the goals and objectives of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, we sometimes question if anyone outside the Order notices the work we do. Clearly, as the premier Irish Catholic organization in the United States, we have earned respect from many outside the Order resulting from the work we do. On St. Patrick’s Day I witnessed firsthand the respect we have earned as I enjoyed an invitation to President Obama’s White House reception. This invitation was clearly recognition for the work the AOH has done on immigration.  What was even more impressive to me than attending the White House celebration was to see the reception our President, Seamus Boyle and Past President Ned McGinley received from the numerous VIP’s in the room. What I took away from the event is that the work each and every Hibernian does is recognized far beyond the AOH.  As a group we must continue to work together to achieve the goals and objectives of the Hibernians.

While in Washington, DC, Director Jere Cole and I were also able to join our Hibernian brothers for their St. Patrick’s Day mass at St. Patrick’s Church, the oldest parish in Washington.  The mass was celebrated by His Eminence, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington. During the homily Cardinal Wuerl discussed how the Irish have played such a vital role for the Catholic Church in the United States. Specifically he discussed how the Irish went out and professed our faith and helped the church grow and succeed in America.  The success can be demonstrated by the fact that besides our Holy Mother, St. Patrick is the number one patron saint of Catholic churches in the United States.

I could not help but compare the Irish success in helping grow the Catholic Church to the success we need in order to continue to grow the Ancient Order of Hibernians. Now is the time to look around your division and county and determine how we can continue to grow as growth will help us continue to succeed.

Have you paid your Hibernian dues? If so thank you, if not please take a moment today to pay them. Local officers, now is the time to rally your members to get to the 100% renewal goal we need. Success of the AOH is based on our members. We need you in order to succeed.

As many of you know, we have an updated recruiting brochure to help you recruit your next member. Recently the national sports news began ranking the NCAA football recruiting classes throughout the country. The reason this is news is that everyone understands the best teams have the best players and the best recruiters are the best coaches because we win with people. The reason the AOH is the premier Irish organization in the United States is we have the best players, we have the best people. Now is the time for each of you to recruit our next “green” chip member.  If you haven’t recruited a new member during 2011 it is time for you to step it up. Our goal is positive growth for every division in the country. Now is the time to look for our youth to continue the traditions of the AOH.

Recruiting materials are available and can be personalized for your division’s web page. Contact me DJOCONNELL@YSU.EDU or 330-518-4450 so we can get your personalized brochure to you. Remember to recruit, recruit, recruit. There is nothing more important than you in the recruiting process. We have asked every division to get a recruiting business card that all members can keep with them when they make personal contact with future Hibernians. Hand out your recruiting business card with your name and contact information on the back. Then, take the time to follow up and we will see your success. Thank you and God Bless.


Stepping off on Sunday January 30th 2011 as the Bloody Sunday families began the historic march of Vindication was yet another occasion when I was overwhelmed to represent each and every one of you as a member of the AOH National Board. From the political leaders, the men and woman on the street and the Family members, we were welcomed, blessed and thanked. Our support for our brothers and sisters in Northern Ireland has not gone unnoticed and the AOH played a vital role in this historic occasion. Thank you all who have continued to support the efforts of the AOH throughout the years especially those of you who have marched with the Bloody Sunday families throughout the years.

As this Digest hits our mail boxes St. Patrick’s Day will behind us and we will be thinking about Project St. Patrick, the opportunity for the AOH to demonstrate our support for the clergy by providing scholarships to our seminarians and religious. We know that the Order was formed to protect the lives of the priests who served our ancestors as they began their new lives in the United States of America. Now we have an opportunity to show support for those who prepare to serve our Mother Church and honor our AOH Chaplains for the work they do.  A 0 donation provides on scholarship which can be named in the honor of your local chaplain. What a wonderful way to thank your division, county and state chaplains. These scholarships can also be in the name of deceased brothers or anyone your division deems worthy. My local division continues to provide two scholarships a year; one honors our long time Chaplain Monsignor Thomas Kelly who passed away last fall and the other to honor our current Chaplain.

Organizing: in the academic world it is said publish or perish, in the world of fraternal organizations we recruit or perish. In each of my articles on organizing I discussed your role as the vital link to the success of recruiting which will in turn lead to the continued success of the AOH. Have you recruited a new member in the last six months? If not we need you to recruit someone new to your division this month. If you have, thank you! Remember it is now your role to help your new recruit become a successful Hibernian. Encourage your new recruit to attend the meetings and events of your division, encourage his participation in committees as well.

Retention in any organization leads to success. Just as it is critical for us to bring new blood into our organization we must also retain our current membership. As the Green season is behind us and the Convention and Festival season is just ahead of us I am asking every President, Financial Secretary and Organizer to lead your officers and members in an effort to renew every member who was on your roles at the end of 2010. Your goal for retention should be no less than 100%. Please make the effort during your next meeting.

Recruiting: In coaching, there are very few new ideas but rather many ideas that others have used that you can apply to your team in such a way that you become successful. Our goal in recruiting is to share those ideas and apply them to your local recruiting efforts. I continue to ask you to provide me with ideas, and innovations that I may pass along with others. Several divisions have told me they are using business cards to recruit. Pat O’Brien from St. Patrick Division 4, North Hills, Pittsburgh, has sent be a copy of the business card they use in recruiting. They printed 1500 for only $52.00. The front of the card is printed with the division information including local contact name, number, e-mail and website. The back has a place for the sponsoring member to write their name, number and e-mail. These can easily be handed out during parades and other events. It is my hope that each division will consider this as a recruiting strategy.  Once you have the business cards in place ask your members to get a business card or name, e-mail and telephone from those they hand the card to. Then your local organizer can send a follow-up note to encourage the recruit to join as well as an electronic brochure and application.

Please check WWW.AOH.COM on a regular basis. We are working with Webmaster Gene Burns to place short videos on the web page designed to assist you in recruiting. Currently we have videos related to Freedom for All Ireland. We will soon have videos related to Project St. Patrick, Hibernians Charities, and Irish Culture. This is intended to be a page you can direct new members to in order to learn more about the order. The AOH recruiting video, “The Way Home” is also located here. Additionally we will house all recruiting materials such as brochures and ads in this location. Please contact me with any recruiting needs as well as with your recruiting success stories. We are always looking to improve our recruiting material. God Bless, Danny O. 330-518-4450, DJOCONNELL@YSU.EDU