Directors Report

State Conventions and election of new officers in each state have been the focus of the last couple of months. North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia all had conventions recently. Louisiana held their Convention in the Summer.

Much of the discussion at the Conventions focused on expansion as well as retention. At times retention is more difficult than expansion. We don’t always take the time to find out why a Brother is missing meetings or not really participating in the various events. We need to do just as we would for a falling away Catholic and approach and find out the problems. Relative to expansion we need to get with the parish priests and educate them on the AOH. All too often in the South the only Catholic men’s organization that they are aware of is the Knights.

In South Carolina, the new Major Degree Team (the only one in the South) conducted degrees for over 35 Brothers. Thanks to Patrick Shannon for his help.

I’m pleased to advise that Georgia has been reenergized and I will be spending time with them as they move forward. Also, Texas is talking about as many as three new divisions and Alabama has added a new one.

On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed the President’s Dinner and meeting. I will say the Pub Crawl did wear me out but is was fun and getting a chance to meet everyone was great. My congratulations go to Seamus for an outstanding tenure as National President.

National Director – South

My thanks to Bob Mott and others in the South region who have helped in my new role as National Director — South. As with any new assignment, much work is going on learning the territory. I ask all Brothers in the Southern territory to use my e-mail and keep me in touch and I hope to be able to see many of the States.

Conventions for North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida are set. I will be attending South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. North Carolina coincides with the President’s Dinner and Louisana was already in the works before I took office.

I look forward to a very productive Southern Region.