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Catholic Action Report


Edward J. Wallace, Chairman


Of dead horses, grace … and guts!

The story is told of nine young soldiers who had received overnight liberty passes from the base where they were stationed. When morning came, not one of the nine was present at roll call. An hour after their absence was noted, the first soldier straggled back onto base. He was immediately taken before his Company Commander.

“I’m sorry to be late, sir,” the soldier said, “but I had a date, lost track of time and missed the last bus to base. I wanted to make it back on time so I took a taxi. About halfway back to base, the cab broke down, so I went to the nearest farm and bought a horse. As I was riding along on the horse, the animal suddenly stumbled to the ground and died. So, I did the last five miles on foot, and here I am.”

Although he was pretty skeptical about the chain of weird excuses, the Company Commander let the young man off with a mild lecture on the virtues of being on time. Well, wouldn’t you know, seven more stragglers reported in, one-by-one, each with the same story: had a date, lost track of time, missed the last bus, took a cab, cab broke down, bought a horse, horse fell dead. Finally, the ninth and last soldier arrived. Now totally exasperated, the Commanding Officer growled, “What happened to you?” The ninth man replied, “Sir, I had a date, lost track of the time, missed the last bus, hired a taxi….” “Wait!” said the officer. “Are you going to tell me that the cab broke down?” “No, Sir,” the soldier replied, “The taxi was fine. The problem was there were about eight or so dead horses on the road so we couldn’t get through.”

God is calling us to life, new life. God is offering us the power to live as complete, joy-filled persons. But, often He can’t get through to us and we cannot hear or follow Him because we clog up the channels of grace with dead horses that prevent us from getting where we need to be: following Jesus. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, tells us that His followers will hear His voice – but, boy – there are so many dead horses out there – that make it so difficult to listen to His voice and then to follow the Good Shepherd.

You know what those dead horses are in your life: Jealousy, greed, pornography, selfishness, pride, etc. It takes God’s grace and our guts to remove them – GRACE AND GUTS! The best remedy for the dead horse syndrome is our being aware of Jesus’ Presence and friendship every day. Learn to see how God is working in our lives and discover Him hidden within the events of daily life. Believe that He is always faithful. He will never abandon you! He gave His life to you on the Cross because of His unconditional love for you.

We have two major resources to meet the obstacles head on: first, the teaching of the Church – learning to recognize the path – the enlightening of our minds. Jesus made a solemn promise that “when the Spirit of truth comes He will lead you to the complete truth.”

A second resource gives us the strength we need to follow that path, even when it is so very difficult. They are the sacraments. Every one of the sacraments is meant to increase God’s grace in our souls. This is especially true of those sacraments that we are encouraged to receive frequently – the Eucharist and confession. Christ’s Body and Blood is nourishment for our souls. Confession strengthens us by healing the wounds of sin and reinforcing our efforts to follow Christ (that’s the guts part!). We need these supernatural helps to confront the dead horses on our life’s journey.

— This is an excerpt of a homily by His Excellency Terry LaValley, Bishop of Ogdensburg, NY.


NB: As Hibernians, we need to follow the teaching of the Church, receive the sacraments and put into practice the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Pray for and reach out to those less fortunate than we are. Support and pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

The Feast of the Body of Christ

All of us together form the Church. Who is the center or head of the Church? Jesus is the center. Jesus is most present to us in the Blessed Sacrament.   On June 7, 2015 we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christ, the Body of Christ, which is the feast of the very center and heart of our church, the center and heart of our faith, and the center and heart of parish, the center and heart of the lives of each of us, the focus of our faith as Hibernians.

Some find it difficult to believe that bread and wine change into the Body and Blood of Jesus.  We don’t see any change in the bread or wine. There is no difference in the taste; the bread still tastes like bread and the wine still tastes like wine. It is going against logic to say that the bread and wine change into the Body and Blood of Jesus despite no change in appearance. With our intellect we can understand that God must be keeping the universe together, that God is the origin of everything, but reason will only take us so far. Then we need to add faith to our and intellect and reason. As Paul says, in the Christian life we go by faith and not by sight. We need to be humble and open to God performing a miracle every day in this church, the miracle of the Eucharist.

Can you be humble enough to add faith to your intellect and reason, to admit that intellect by itself does not provide all the answers, and that God can perform miracles every day making it possible for bread and wine to become the Body and Blood of Jesus while keeping the same appearance? Can you add faith to your intellect? When you submit to God you will not lose anything, you will gain everything.  Add faith to your reasoning and receive the love of God for you! The Eucharist is the gift of God’s love for you.  Come to Jesus, not like a scientist trying to analyze, but come in trust, surrender, believe and receive his love. Say to Jesus that you believe he is really present in the Blessed Sacrament and gradually grow from merely believing, to loving Jesus, and being loved by Jesus.  May Jesus in the Eucharist always be the very center and heart of our church, the center and heart of our faith, the center and heart of our parish, and the center and heart of the lives of each of us

Father Tom O’Donnell, AOH National Chaplain

Director Report

Director Greg Sean Canning

National FFAI Co Chairman

On behalf of the National FFAI Co-Chairmen, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Brothers and their State, County and Division Boards for their financial commitment to this year’s Christmas Appeal. Through your combined efforts and commitment in supporting those efforts that seek to effectively work for an eventual “United and Free 32 County Nation, our 2014-2015 FFAI Christmas Appeal was the most successful ever. Through your efforts and the support of the National Board, we were able to donate over $68,000 to various groups operating within the 6 Counties on behalf of political prisoners and their families and establishing programs that encourage cross community cooperation.

Now that this year’s Christmas Appeal is over, we need to work more closely in dealing with the continuing injustices occurring within the North of Ireland and the growing attack on and resistance to nationalist goals and agendas. Only through direct and constant American involvement in the political affairs of the 6 counties, can the goal of a United Ireland be achieved.

As I have stated previously, the ongoing struggle for attaining a “United Irelandand for ending the sectarian division that now exists between unionist and nationalist, has gone on far too long.  While the Good Friday Agreement has brought a welcome peace to northeast Ulster, many problems and challenges still exist for the nationalist communities. Recent and past events in the six northern counties of Ireland exemplify why the time has now come for the national and state governments within the United States of America to once again exert its influence in a positive way to support a peaceful and final solution to this division.

As Hibernians, we need to re-focus our efforts in this direction.  To begin with, each State President needs to appoint, if you have not done so already, a strong State FFAI Chairman or Co-Chairmen (if necessary). These State FFAI Chairmen should contact county and division boards within their respective states, to see that effect chairmen are being appointed at the local level. Once done so, each state should establish a method of communication among their FFAI chairmen within that state to coordinate activities and programs that will identify those issues of most concern to the nationalist community and work towards addressing the injustices that are occurring there. In addition, it is important for these FFAI chairmen to creating a strong relationship and direct communication with their Congressional Delegation in addressing 6 Counties’ issues and supporting United Ireland initiatives. This can be done by encouraging their delegations to join the Congressional Friends of Ireland and the Ad Hoc Committee on Irish Affairs.

At the national level, we need to create a more effective highway of communication between the State FFAI Chairmen and the National FFAI Co-Chairmen for the purpose of coordinating activities and responses to current issues taking place within the 6 Counties. The first step in working towards this goal is for each State FFAI to send their contact information to the two National Chairmen.  Email address, phone contact information, and addresses would be most helpful. The email address for Greg Seán Canning is The email address for Paul Gowdy is

Working together, we can more effectively identify those issues and situations adversely affecting the political situation in Northern Ireland. We need to respond effectively to the gun and bomb attack by dissident groups that has recently occurred, the continued imprisonment of political prisoners despite the lack of substantial evidence, and the continued social and political divisions that exists between unionist and nationalist communities. We also need to support those endeavors that are pushing for the devolution of policing and justice powers as a way forward in working for the political transformation of the 6 Counties.  In addition, we need to continue and double our efforts in seeking more State and County resolutions calling for a United Ireland.

Working together through effective communication and unity can better accomplish what needs to be undertaken.

As we all begin to focus ourselves on the events of the 1916 Easter Uprising, let us recall that 6 counties in the North of Ireland are still unfree and are forced to live every day under the flag and political structure on an occupying country.

Remember:  “Ireland Unfree, will never be at Peace!”

National Legal Counsel’s Report

Director Patrick Sturdy

Decorum During Debate

Under our National Constitution, members are required to conduct themselves at meetings in accordance with the rules of Decorum in debate laid out by Robert’s Rules of Order.

According to these rules, members must confine themselves to questions currently before the assembly. Members are also required to avoid bringing personalities into their comments. When referring to other members, they should do so by name and not in some other way of describing another member. Officers should always be referred to by their Office. Comments should never be concerned with the motives of a member, however, the results of a particular course of action may be commented upon.

If the Chair rises to make a point of order, any speaker must take his seat until the Chair has been heard. If a member speaks in violation of these rules, he is subject to discipline after a vote of the membership determines the member has violated these rules unless he agrees to withdraw his comments. However, the membership must act on the violation prior to any other business taking place, otherwise violation is waived by the membership.

Historical Happenings


By Mike McCormack AOH National/NY State Historian

On a recent trip to the Irish American Heritage Museum in Albany, New York, I was pleased to find a truly professional presentation of our heritage and culture. If you ever get the chance, don’t miss the opportunity to drop in and see what they’re up to. Curator Ryan Mahoney recently put the contents of the archive material we submitted last year on line and you can view it at . More will be added in coming months as documentation and cataloging continues.

We are working with the National Board Committee, the New York State Board Committee and the Suffolk County Memorial Committee to present meaningful and accurate representations of the Easter Rising of 1916 in conjunction with the centennial of that milestone in Irish history. As long as I am on these committees, you can be sure that I will stress that they be historical rather than political – and there are politicians on both sides trying to influence the presentations.

Some don’t want to upset the economic and political ties that have evolved between the Republic of Ireland and England and are playing down the military aspect of the event. Others are decrying the fact that the six northern counties are still part of the Crown and believe that this event should stress resolving that issue.


The shamrock’s three leaves

            Our committees are dedicated to history, not current events. We feel that the commemoration should remember the courage and dedication of those men and women who put their lives on the line against overwhelming odds to inspire the next generation to action. Their lives and the lives of the loved ones they left behind are the stuff of legend and far more fascinating than the fiction of any other country in the world. And the way the Irish people picked up the fight after the rising reveals so much more about their tenacity than that of any other race. The coming together of the three major factors that led to the event must also be considered; that is the frustration of a century of promise and deception, the inspiration provided by the Gaelic Revival and the motivation that came from Irish American support. These were the three leaves of the shamrock of insurrection, as I call it.

In conjunction with the third leaf, the AOH was a significant part of the rising and should be a significant part of the commemoration. During the Great Dublin Lockout, they sent more than a thousand dollars to James Connolly’s striking workers who were part of the Hibernian Rifles of the AOH American Alliance. When the Hibernian Rifles requested rifles from the American AOH, the AOH constitution prohibited such action so instead they sent American military manuals and money – money that allowed the Hibernian Rifles to buy their own arms from underpaid British soldiers! Those same Hibernian Rifles of the American Alliance provided a 50-man honor guard at the funeral of O’Donovan Rossa and fought as part of the Army of the Irish Republic in the GPO.


Breaking the shackles of empire

In the end it was just as the leaders had predicted, the Easter Rising became the start of Ireland’s nationwide struggle for independence. Just as America’s struggle for independence started with the Battle of Bunker Hill and ended eight years later with the Treaty of Paris, so too did Ireland’s struggle start with the Easter Rising and end years later with the Anglo Irish Treaty, Bunreacht na hEireann and the Republic of Ireland Act as both nations successfully broke the shackles of empire. The most significant element in both was that the largest group supporting Washington’s Continental Army was America’s Irish immigrants and the largest group supporting the patriots of 1916 was also the American Irish of the AOH and Clan na Gael.


‘The Road to Rebellion’

Our recent 116-page illustrated book, The Road to Rebellion, is going remarkably well thanks to all who have ordered it; in the first month after publishing, nearly 100 have been sold. I was delighted to receive an endorsement from Pearse Lawlor, author of The Outrages, The Burnings and Lisburn. He wrote, This is a concise, informative, well-constructed account of the events leading up to and including the rebellion. It is the type of book every Irish family should have as an easy reference guide to this important period of our history. Well done! At the recent NY State Board meeting it was stated that we can’t educate others about the Rising unless we educate ourselves first. This information is now available more for education than profit and is available for only $12. from me at 37 Harrison Ave, Centereach, NY 11720. Please add $3. for shipping. Donate a copy to your local library for 2016. Don’t forget to check out AOH.COM and NYAOH.COM websites for a monthly history to read and share. It’s your history, revive it, don’t revise it!


by Dan Dennehy, Chairman



Fifty years ago on October 3, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Hart-Cellar Immigration Law (aka Family Reunification Act), ending national origins quotas and starting the Age of Mass Immigration to the U.S. This immigration law was fought by NY Hibernians, notably Bronx County NY members, including Judge Collins. Hibernians warned Congress and Irish America that the law put an embargo on Irish Visas and could hurt the progress of the young nation. Today, many Irish people can only imagine the American Dream. Mass immigration, which brings with it cheap labor, hurting job opportunity for American youth, of that, none of us can deny.

For the past several years, a comprehensive reform bill that includes an allotment of visas for Irish and could resolve undocumented Irish issues, worked its way around Congress. Anne Anderson, Ambassador of Ireland and our Irish activists, were repeatedly assured, it was not ‘if Congress will pass reform , but when.’ Today, the outlook for much needed immigration reform is bleak and hopes for any change are remote.

Sure, the Irish can come here for 3 months on a holiday, and students can hop over for a short-stay J1 Visa, and some non-residents visas exist to work here. BUT, the risk of incarceration and deportation exists for overstay. The only real immigration visa hope for Irish is the DV lottery and only a tiny handful, perhaps one or two hundred a year out of 50,000 get in Irish hands.

So please contact your elected officials in Congress, and state that the Irish have been locked out of visas for 50 years! We need an annual allotment of immigration visas for Ireland. The Irish E3 is still our best option and Congress is familiar with it.

While Congress continues to battle itself, we are looking for ways to extend hope to the Irish who are here by broadening the U.S. Embassy waivers. The overwhelming majority of Irish undocumented are law-abiding, tax-paying, business owners & families with U.S. born children too young to sponsor the parents. Other countries, Mexico being the main recipient, have benefitted from the waiver program. We think the U.S. Embassy in Dublin can help. We continue to urge the U.S. State Department & our U.S. Ambassador to Ireland O’Malley to make this waiver work for the Irish.

Did you know that Irish people are still getting visas, adjusted status and U.S. citizenship despite being ignored by Congress & who is delivering this for them?

With Hibernian support for Irish Immigration Centers, tens of thousands have been helped! Now, those are numbers we like to hear! In the last few weeks, six Irish folks who were helped by the AOH were sworn in as U.S. citizens!

Many times, members send me contact information for Irish immigrants with questions about their status and inquiring about citizenship. These are often folks who have been living for years with questions on how to go forward on citizenship. We then put them in direct contact with the Emerald Isle Immigration Center and other centers, where councillors help them gather information and determine if they should apply to adjust their status. It was so good to hear back from the new and proud U.S. citizens! How proud they and their families are and they have asked me to thank our fellow Hibernians for helping them. Visit the website or call the Emerald Isle Immigration Centers in Woodlawn or Woodside and introduce yourself as a Hibernian who wants to help!

We are committed to supporting the Irish Immigration Centers in NY & across the U.S. They are on the front lines supporting our immigrants of all ages. They provide peace of mind, confidential, up-to-date and trustworthy information to immigrants, at little or no cost. The Centers help the elderly with Meals on Wheels, Moms & Tots, Suicide Prevention, Employment and Vocation Training and of course immigration advice. When further help is required, good referrals are given to experienced, knowledgeable lawyers, mental health & welfare professionals, Irish consular staff, Catholic Charities and Clergy. Irish Immigration Centers help people navigate the City agencies and Government bureaucracies and applications in a meaningful and personal manner. You can find info about all the Irish Centers at

June 10, 2015 – Celtic Cruise

Looking for the most fun and inexpensive way to support the EIIC, join AOH Division 7 New York County on the Celtic Cruise!  Embark the Celtic Cruise at Chelsea Piers with the best Irish entertainment anywhere, on three deluxe decks of food, fun and open bars! Watch the sunset at the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island and cruise majestically past NYC’s great Bridges and skyline on a night you will always remember! Visit  or call 212 717-9955 for more information.

Archbishop John Hughes, from County Tyrone, built NYC’s two Saint Patrick’s Cathedrals and our Noble Order was forged then to protect the Church and Irish Catholic immigrants. Myself, Tom Beirne and several NY County Hibernians are on the committee to honor his memory at the Basilica of Old St Patrick’s Cathedral. This is the first time that I am aware of such a grand collaboration of the AOH with the Friendly Sons of St Patrick and Knights of Columbus. Recently our project received a $100,000 gift from the Knights of Columbus Supreme Knight Carl Anderson! Learn more about our upcoming events & how you can help! Ask Tom Beirne or me or visit

100th Anniversary of the Death of legendary Fenian Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa — The Weekend of June 27, 28 & 29 will commemorate Corkman O’Donovan Rosaa who famously sailed into NY harbor an exile from Ireland to be welcomed by NY Mayor and U.S. President alike! He said of his first site of NY harbor “…if the ocean was baled out and the two countries, Ireland and America, were moved over to each other … There would be no incongruity, or break observable, in the grandeur of the scenery sailing down the River Lee through the Cove of Cork and up the Hudson River through the Harbor of New York”

On Saturday, June 27, at Gaelic Park, the AOH will cohost a GAA O’Donovan Rossa Tourney and Commemoration, your sponsorship and attendance is appreciated. The AOH will have an information tent at this event, stop by!

On Sunday June 28 at 1pm County Cork BP&P Association will host a Mass, Luncheon and Talk by NYS Historian Mike McCormack.

On Monday June 29 – Mary Hogan, LAOH National President and Staten Island Hibernians will host a Mass, Wreath-laying at Donovan Rossa’s Original Gravesite followed by a Talk and Luncheon.

If you would like to sponsor  to this AOH sponsored event, you help would be much appreciated. Contact me for details or go to

On a personal note, I was honored to serve as an Aide to the Grand Marshal Cardinal Timothy Dolan at the 2015 NY St Patrick’s Day Parade along with many great Hibernians. My father served as an Aide in 1985 and it was a thrill to once again walk in his footsteps as a proud AOH member!

I’m also happy to announce the 7th Annual Hudson Valley Irish Fest on Saturday, September 26, at Peekskill Riverfront Green and hosted by AOH/LAOH Division 18 Peekskill


Yours in Our Motto of Friendship Unity and Christian Charity,
Dan Dennehy


At the Basilica of Old St Patrick’s Cathedral were, from left, James Hamilton (AOH NY County Board), Carmine Musumeci (New York State Deputy KofC), Dan Dennehy (National AOH Chairman Immigration), William C. Duggan (Chairman of Archbishop Hughes Commemorative Committee & AOH Div. 9 NY County), Carl Anderson (Supreme Knight - Knights of Columbus, Tom Beirne (AOH NY County Board President) and Art Harris (Supreme Director Knights of Columbus).

At the Basilica of Old St Patrick’s Cathedral were, from left, James Hamilton (AOH NY County Board), Carmine Musumeci (New York State Deputy KofC), Dan Dennehy (National AOH Chairman Immigration), William C. Duggan (Chairman of Archbishop Hughes Commemorative Committee & AOH Div. 9 NY County), Carl Anderson (Supreme Knight – Knights of Columbus, Tom Beirne (AOH NY County Board President) and Art Harris (Supreme Director Knights of Columbus).

On NYC’s Fifth Avenue before the St. Patrick’s Day Parade were the Aides and the 2015 Grand Marshal, Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

On NYC’s Fifth Avenue before the St. Patrick’s Day Parade were the Aides and the 2015 Grand Marshal, Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

Cardinal Dolan with New York County AOH President Tom Beirne’s son, Sean.

Cardinal Dolan with New York County AOH President Tom Beirne’s son, Sean.

PEC Summer 2015

Neil Cosgrove

Brothers, we have all heard the quote that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  Sadly, we are seeing some very disturbing signs as regards the peaceful reunification of Ireland that should have us all concerned.

We have already seen the British government go on a selective fishing investigation as regards the Boston College tapes, where the British government, sadly with the complicity of our own government,  as regards alleged Republican misdeeds. Meanwhile the families of the Balleymurphy massacres, Loughinisland and Pat Finucane are still awaiting justice, with many British politicians quickly trying to bury it as the past.  The hypocrisy and injustice is incomprehensible and is reminiscent of the events when a British government turned a “blind eye” to loyalists landing weapons to oppose constitutionally passed Home Rule, while actively trying to seize weapons at Howth, an effort that resulted in the Bachelor Walk Massare where  four people were killed and thirty seven injured.

The recent British Elections have resulted in a major victory for the Tories.  What is most concerning is the way this victory was achieved;  it was achieved by David Cameron playing the “Scots Card” the same way Randolph Churchill once played the “Orange Card”.  Mr. Cameron comments of “to reclaim a mantle that we should never have lost – the mantle of One Nation, one United Kingdom”  hardly sounds as a sentiment conducive to implementing the long stalled Good Friday Agreement.

The lessons of history regarding England and Ireland is that England has only acted when forced to; and more specifically when America has been watching.  We have been blessed with relative  relative peace if not progress as a result of the Good Friday Agreement, but with the United States and the  world  taking its eyes off of Northern Ireland we are seeing a slippage into the policies of the past that an only result in the troubles of the past.

As we enter into the centenary of 1916, it is a perfect time to recall the noble sentiments of Clarke, Pearse and Connolly; of an Irish Repulic “cherishing all of the children of the nation equally, and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien Government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past.”  Just as 1916 would not be possible without “Ireland’s exiled children in America”,  we must today through public resolutions calling for a reunification of Ireland must remind England of its commitments under he Good Friday agreement.    In planning your 1916 remembrance make  a public  resolution from your state or local municipality part of your commemorations.

Pro-Life Report


Children: ‘the greatest blessing’

Children are never a “mistake” and no sacrifice is too great for an adult to make so that children can feel their worth, Pope Francis said.

During his weekly general audience recently in St. Peter’s Square, the pope continued his series of talks about the family, dedicating a second catechesis to children. He described the great suffering and difficulties many children around the world experience as “a Passion.”

Children are the greatest blessing God has bestowed upon men and women, he said. Yet, many children are “rejected, abandoned, robbed of their childhood and of their future,” the pope noted, adding that it is “shameful” when people say it is “a mistake” to bring a child into the world.

“Please, let’s not unload our faults on children,” he said. “children are never ‘a mistake.’” The hunger, poverty, fragility and ignorance of some children “are not mistakes” but “only reasons for us to love them even more with more generosity,” he said.

Pope Francis wondered aloud about the value of international declarations of human and children’s rights if children are then punished for the mistakes of adults.


Glimmers of hope in state legislation opposing abortion:

“The place you change America isn’t in Washington. It’s in the states … That’s how we’ll change the life debate. It will be at the state level. Different states doing this, making very positive key changes until it can migrate to the federal level. And a court case can get up to the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade be overturned. Which will ultimately happen. We have to keep pushing at these state levels.”

— Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback -NRTL Conv.2012)

Check out some of these state legislative actions (National Right to

  1. Protecting Pain-capable unborn children.
  2. Parental involvement laws.
  3. A woman’s right to know: Ultrasound laws.
  4. Web-cam abortion bans.
  5. Prohibiting tax-funded abortion
  6. Unborn victims of violence.

Pray for the unborn and for respect for life from birth to natural death!

National Secretary

Introducing Melissa Hebrank. She is National Secretary Jere Cole’s new assistant in the AOH national office in New Jersey. Since last fall, Melissa has been entering all of the Status Report Form 40s into our database, making updates to division rosters, sending out membership cards, and answering phone calls. With over 10 years of experience in proofreading/editing, Melissa hopes to bring the AOH to a new level of organization using modern IT processes.

Some friendly reminders from Melissa for financial secretaries:  (1) Membership ID numbers now contain a zero after the 2-digit division number. Some divisions are approaching the 1,000th number in their list. The extra zero acts as a placeholder for divisions who are under the 1,000th number. This change went into effect late last year; (2) The national office does not assign new ID numbers. We ask that you go to the bottom of your list and use the next open number. Please do not reuse past member ID numbers for new members. If a former AOH member is reinstated into the same division, we want to use their old ID number; (3) In order to make our records more accurate, please fill in the Termination Reason number on all Form 40s; (4) We encourage you to continue to send in Form 40 changes throughout the year, so that we do not have an end-of-the-year crunch.

Has your division not received its 2015 membership cards? Per Melissa, this means we have not received the updated roster that was mailed to your financial secretary in late October. We cannot release the 2015 cards until we have received the updated October roster; OR, if there are no changes to the October roster, you can send us a letter certifying that your roster is up to date.  Mail changes to: AOH, PO Box 539, West Caldwell, NJ 07007. Fax changes to: 973-575-0051. E-mail changes to:

If you have a question, Melissa can be reached at 973-575-0050 or Welcome, Melissa!