National Legal Counsel’s Report

Director Patrick Sturdy

Decorum During Debate

Under our National Constitution, members are required to conduct themselves at meetings in accordance with the rules of Decorum in debate laid out by Robert’s Rules of Order.

According to these rules, members must confine themselves to questions currently before the assembly. Members are also required to avoid bringing personalities into their comments. When referring to other members, they should do so by name and not in some other way of describing another member. Officers should always be referred to by their Office. Comments should never be concerned with the motives of a member, however, the results of a particular course of action may be commented upon.

If the Chair rises to make a point of order, any speaker must take his seat until the Chair has been heard. If a member speaks in violation of these rules, he is subject to discipline after a vote of the membership determines the member has violated these rules unless he agrees to withdraw his comments. However, the membership must act on the violation prior to any other business taking place, otherwise violation is waived by the membership.