National Chairman’s Report

by William J. Sullivan
National Board Liaison for New England
Chairman Irish Way & Study Abroad Scholarship Programs


What a winter it has been here in New England! It has been the winter that would not end! With spring now here and the snow in many areas but a memory, many State and County Boards are in the midst of planning their upcoming biennial conventions. The Massachusetts State Board Convention will be held from May 29 – 31 in Hyannis on Cape Cod; the Connecticut State Board Convention will take place in Meriden, Connecticut over the weekend of July 10 -12; and the Rhode Island State Board Convention will be held in the fall from September 18 -20. Each of these convention committees has been hard at work preparing a productive and fun filled weekend for all the delegates who attend. At each of these conventions, I look forward to meeting many of my Brother and Sister Hibernians. More on each of these conventions will be forthcoming in future Hibernian Digest articles.

The AOH National Board through the Irish Way and Study Abroad Scholarships tries to install and foster among our children and grandchildren, a love of Irish culture, history and knowledge of our ancestral homeland.  Recently I received a letter from one of last year’s recipient’s, Elizabethwin Broost of Illinois. In her note, Elizabethwin not only thanked the AOH for her scholarship, but wrote of the incredible experiences that she had while in Ireland, and of the new appreciation of Irish history and culture that she came away with. After reading this note, it definitely proved that the scholarships and programs that we offer and supports are right on the mark!

I want to make note of the many numerous inquiries that we received over the past year regarding the National Board’s Irish Way and Study Abroad Scholarships. In the next edition of the Hibernian Digest we will be announcing the recipients of this year’s Scholarship Awards.  When the 2016 scholarship opportunities are announced this fall in the Hibernian Digest, please consider taking advantage of them. Enjoy the great summer weather ahead!