Louisiana News: LAOH Margaret Haughery Division Honors Saint Brigid and its Patron Margaret

LAOH Margaret Haughery Division Honors Saint Brigid and its Patron Margaret

The Louisiana LAOH members held their annual celebration honoring Saint Brigid and Margaret Haughery, the patron and namesake of their Division, on Sunday, March 8, 2015.
The celebration began on that beautiful day by attending Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary Church, where members were formally recognized by the pastor Monsignor Kenneth Hedrick and given the honor of bringing up the offertory gifts.  After Mass, the Ladies and Father John Payne proceeded to the cemetery across the street from the Church.  The Ladies received a blessing from Father Payne and laid flowers at Margaret’s gravesite.  Margaret is entombed with the Sisters of Mercy with whom she dedicated her life in caring for the children of New Orleans left orphaned by the yellow fever epidemic in the 1800’s.  It should be noted that the Margaret Haughery Division is supporting the cause of Sainthood for Margaret Haughery.  This is done in cooperation with the movement from her birthplace in Tully Carrigallen, County Leitrim, Ireland.  New Orleans will be required to take the lead in this movement, since this is where Margaret did her courageous works.
After leaving the gravesite, the celebration continued with a luncheon at the Columns Hotel on picturesque St. Charles Avenue.  Surely Saint Brigid and Margaret, whom we pray will also be a Saint one day, were shining blessings down on the LAOH members.