LAOH Vice President Patricia A O’Connell

I hope that you are enjoying some sunshine days as you read this edition of the Hibernian Digest.  Let me take this opportunity to encourage all Division Officers & Members, County Board Members, & State Board Members to participate in your 2015 State Convention.  It is through working together on the business of the Order that the Order continues to grow and to remain true to our mission.  Let me take this opportunity to thank those Officers who are completing their Term of Office for the work you have completed.  To those newly elected State Officers, I wish you well as you begin your new leadership role within the Order.  Your National Board is committed to assist you in carrying out the duties of your Office.

The odd calendar year presents many challenges to the National Board in working with each of the states to keep an accurate record of each State’s Officers.  Please complete the forms that our National Secretary Carol Sheyer sent to you to update your State’s Officers following the election of your 2015 Officers.  For the Single-Division States, your officers may already be installed.

The transfer of Degree Team records and Junior Division records has been a slow process.  During the next 30-60 days you may be requested to submit some additional information or to provide some clarifying information.  I encourage Degree Team Guardians and State Vice Presidents to raise questions regarding the collecting of data for the Degree Teams and the Junior Divisions.  Gathering the data and maintaining continuity in these records should not be so difficult.   Neither the Degree Teams nor the Junior Divisions operate in isolation but they are authorized to operate within the structures of the states within they exist and under the National Constitution of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc.