National Secretary

Introducing Melissa Hebrank. She is National Secretary Jere Cole’s new assistant in the AOH national office in New Jersey. Since last fall, Melissa has been entering all of the Status Report Form 40s into our database, making updates to division rosters, sending out membership cards, and answering phone calls. With over 10 years of experience in proofreading/editing, Melissa hopes to bring the AOH to a new level of organization using modern IT processes.

Some friendly reminders from Melissa for financial secretaries:  (1) Membership ID numbers now contain a zero after the 2-digit division number. Some divisions are approaching the 1,000th number in their list. The extra zero acts as a placeholder for divisions who are under the 1,000th number. This change went into effect late last year; (2) The national office does not assign new ID numbers. We ask that you go to the bottom of your list and use the next open number. Please do not reuse past member ID numbers for new members. If a former AOH member is reinstated into the same division, we want to use their old ID number; (3) In order to make our records more accurate, please fill in the Termination Reason number on all Form 40s; (4) We encourage you to continue to send in Form 40 changes throughout the year, so that we do not have an end-of-the-year crunch.

Has your division not received its 2015 membership cards? Per Melissa, this means we have not received the updated roster that was mailed to your financial secretary in late October. We cannot release the 2015 cards until we have received the updated October roster; OR, if there are no changes to the October roster, you can send us a letter certifying that your roster is up to date.  Mail changes to: AOH, PO Box 539, West Caldwell, NJ 07007. Fax changes to: 973-575-0051. E-mail changes to:

If you have a question, Melissa can be reached at 973-575-0050 or Welcome, Melissa!