Fundraiser for Garda Brian Hanrahan


As many of our brother and sister Hibernians know, Irish Police Officer Brian Hanrahan was shot and seriously wounded during a robbery attempt this past January in New Orleans. Hanrahan and his father were on holiday. The older Hanrahan, a driver/guide for CIE Tours in Ireland, was not with his son at the time of the shooting.

The Irish House restaurant, along with other member organizations in the Irish Network of New Orleans, held a fundraiser for Brian Hanrahan on January 31st. Judge James F. McKay, AOH National Vice President and Honorary Consul of Ireland in Louisiana, stated that additional fundraising by the AOH and the Emerald Society were underway to assist the family with their significant expenses.

One day after the shooting, Murt O’Shea, a driver/guide for CIE who regularly works with Officer Hanrahan’s father, called Kevin Smith, an officer in AOH Division 7 in Suffolk County, NY. Kevin had been on a Division 7 trip to Ireland the previous year and O’Shea and Hanrahan were the drivers for the group of 80 Hibernians. As a close bond had developed between the drivers and the group, O’Shea hoped that Division 7 might be able to help. As a Police Officer with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Smith was able to do some initial fundraising and was also able to facilitate the transportation of Brian Hanrahan’s wife and mother to New Orleans. Kevin then spoke with Dave Ring, President of Division 7. Dr. Ring had, during his time as Dean of Students at Dowling College and with the AOH, scheduled many trips through CIE and had worked with Officer Hanrahan’s father on some of those trips. Smith and Ring decided to work to put together a fundraising effort. They contacted Meg Allen, CIE Sales Manager for New York to see if they could work together on the fundraising effort. Meg contacted Brian Stack, Executive Vice President of CIE Tours International, who approved CIE’s donation of a five day “Taste of Ireland” tour for two to be raffled off as a fund raiser. He also agreed to donate the round trip airfare for two from JFK in New York.

The trip will be raffled off with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Hanrahan Family. Division 7 has donated the printing and promotion costs. The raffle will have one thousand tickets at per ticket. The hope is to sell all of the tickets and donate ,000 to the family. The raffle  drawing will be held on Friday, January 8, 2016, or sooner if the tickets sell out.

Kevin Smith will be reaching out to law enforcement agencies to assist with this fundraiser. Vic

Vogel, AOH NY State Secretary, who also is acquainted with Brian Hanahan’s father, has agreed to lead the fundraising effort on the state and national levels by reaching out to his colleagues in statewide offices across the Hibernian nation.

As always, when someone is in need, the AOH, LAOH and other members of the Irish American Community are there in force. It is hoped that these raffle tickets will sell quickly so that we can ease the recuperation of Brian Hanrahan. For more information or if you can help by selling raffle tickets, you can contact Dave Ring and Kevin Smith at or Vic Vogel through the NY AOH Website.